5 rights

5 Rights

Remember though: As stated before there are several other groups active here. While the claim over bliatera is sovereign it means out of respect we hold joint authority over these places with other people. In some cases these are other micronations. We automatically acknowledge your sovereignty and recognize your claims as long as these are in the Continental United States and you recognize ours, especially in the areas where we hold activity. In other cases it’s Native American Tribes. We acknowledge your first inheritance of this land and seek a respectful coexistence as well as your blessings. Of course we recognize your sovereignty as well, as long as you recognize our existence in return.

The biggest separate authority over this territory is the United States itself. Here is where it gets tricky. We’re not holding our breath that they will recognize us quite yet. So we’ll just let it be known that we’re not an automatic replacement. Rather we are complimentary. Kind of like a mayor holds rights over their city, but they’re in it together with other people holding authority as well. It’s very similar here. There is also a very political charged situation brewing in bliatera right now. The good news is that it makes our claim more legit if half of the population doesn’t accept their current leadership. However we’re also quite busy addressing the situation effectively as there are very valid reasons said appointees aren’t accepted by the population. Due to severe fracturing and polarizing we will likely have to address it more in the near future. It’s one of the reasons we can’t take full authority in bliatera any time soon.

Just keep in mind despite all of our lenience, it’s still an active claim and one that’s more legitimized than most people can say. We solidify this claim every day.

Doing so allows us five rights.

It allows us to exist and expand…

1 – The right to exist legitimately here alongside the others here.
We exist, yeah. We’re a nation. Respect this and we’ll respect you back. Ignore it and we’ll ignore you. If you’re a horrible leader that causes our citizenry populations grief, we’re working on getting you removed from office.

2 – The right to accept citizenry from within the territories of the claim. Residency is automatic. People have the right to citizenship, it’s easy to get it by following us on Twitter. We allow dual citizenship with no problems and we fight for the rights and freedom of our citizens.

3 – The right to be active in the territories. Through this we can be active in these territories. By doing  projects we can expand.

4 – The right to set an infrastructure / administration in the area to serve our citizenry.  From better leadership to citizen services, we reserve the right to set up along side. Sometimes we’ll even network with traditional leaders for change, other times we work to get horrible leaders impeached or voted out of office.

5 – The right to leverage resources in the area. We can make things happen. Don’t worry we respect personal property rights as well as freedom of all people to make their own choices.

How it’s being solidified:

Through creativity, ingenuity and leverage. We’ve got active presence in the territory, a very active presence. By sacrifice and hard work daHavor has managed to get a great placement which will allow him to cover the area more than what’s needed to allow us to exist.

Trucking school was hard but he exceeded in everything he’s done. See, daHavor is not only an awesome Hanian Royal but also a very good trucker. Even being new at it he’s extremely good at what he does. A natural you might say who has really taken to the road! Our rights here are solidified by consistent travel over the areas of our claim by something we call covering.

>> Read more about covering << * >> daHavor’s  becomes a royal scout <<

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