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Unique : Be part of something!

You can’t believe it. An alternative system; with you at the forefront!

The solutions to our woes serve as their proof of intelligence!

The iimortals brought something with them when they made contact. Not only to show that they’re fair and just but also to prove that they exist. They gave us an alternative to our horrid corrupted system we’ve got on earth. An Alternative to stand opposite of everything you’ve known, opposite of everything all of humanity has struggled to even change in the slightest. Structures which have been around and entrenched for thousands of years not only supporting each other but squashing everything else. The system you’ve always viewed as untouchable, suddenly seems to be subject to competition as if it was a mere business.

How is that even possible?

An alternative that may even achieve the impossible, to bring about a fairer world!

What’s so fundamentally different between their ways and the traditional ones to have that much of an effect? What is so powerful that they can actually stand beside it injecting their system into our world without being destroyed in an instant. So earth shattering that they must not even spread it by force or indoctrinate the young in it’s ways over hundreds of years? How can we even build it without having to rely on those structures and institutions in the first place. Those very same ones that keep anything else we’ve ever tried from ever seeing the light of day.

People can’t even remove an illegitimate president that’s threatening to destroy our very world. Even though the protesters number in the millions nothing is done politically and yet these aliens try to stand opposite of everything at once!

That’s because the Aliens view things differently. They do things differently. Because of these differences bypassing everything becomes possible and even achievable. How it’s done isn’t revealed to outsiders; it’s not even revealed all at once. Incrementally revealed and implemented the system and techniques will clearly reveal their inherent intelligence beyond all doubt. As well as clue us into their fundamental knowledge of who we really are as species. This opens up more questions, questions that will be explored down the road as well.

Our world is beautiful, so why is there so much ugliness here?

But for now just imagine this:

Instead of being bound by the traditional system as you see it on earth right now you can help build an alternative one from scratch. Don’t fawn over the Elites and Celebrities, become one yourself. Rather than nation versus nation the alternative is global in nature; ignoring a good bit of stuff right off the bat. People are seen as that which holds power not money. What’s done now is relevant rather than the previous status achieved by hailing from a powerful family or being of celebrity status. The news doesn’t matter. Banks don’t matter. Unheard of in all of known history even armies are irrelevant. No matter what anyone does, once this begins nothing in the world can stop it!

You blink.   That’s impossible!

“Don’t worry, you’ll see it in action all around you!”

That’s what someone tells you; that’s what a no – name Empire claims.

It’s what those who are public remind you of consistently.

All you got to do according to them is join the aliens’ society and apply the techniques as shown and taught to you. Still not believing you see through observation that perhaps there is something to it all. After all this Empress, a nobody actually does quite well on social media with almost no traditional resources. A Micronation that’s not even set up yet has more buzz than those others of the same kind who have been in the Media. You can only see the leaders and those who run a project, not the unknown numbers behind and around them. Like a bee-hive, it’s different and utterly fascinating you can’t imagine walking away.

Join the Aliens’ Society now – Read Vanen Message – See the Buzz on Twitter

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