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Our Sci-Fi Micronation serves as our direct protest to the current illegitimate administration in America.

What is corrupt here is corrupt in some gradients elsewhere, the law we hold as universal isn’t being followed in most places on earth. It’s just a matter of how guilty governments are of not upholding live and let live as well as serving their people. Here in America the people have spoken with mass protests and a larger resistance movement, where our disenfranchised residents fight daily to be heard by their leaders. Families are being ripped apart, some are blindly following the new administration straight off the cliff into oblivion. To remove anyone from office or get anything done is like pulling nails out of a cat with your teeth while bringing the same to a vet in floodwaters.

As Hanian we use art and culture to make our voices heard; our flag is our picket sign. We speak our  beliefs daily and fire up those who fight for freedom and justice. Our culture is something we live day by day where-ever we go and our culture is tempered by our belief in that everyone has the right to be free. We believe the current sitting government of bli ; a ; te ; ra needs to be impeached and proper leaders who actually serve the people need to be sworn in. Laws need to be overhauled to assure this can’t happen again; the the people speak and the government ignores. This needs to be done sooner rather than later. Those who chase their own money and glory should never be allowed to serve as a political and diplomatic leader, the two don’t mix. Laws shouldn’t exist to allow politicians to keep governing when the people cry for them to step down. Half of a country protesting is a sign that something isn’t working on a grand scale. We’re so tired of it that we’re creating a whole new country from scratch. We started with this before the current administration took office, but now we’re more serious than ever. What was a mere side hobby meant for experimentation became something we actually need here. We’ve moved from the theoretical to the practical, from being merely a nation – showcase for art and culture to being a vehicle for change. In this we may eventually move from being a model nation to a real nation active online and in local neighborhoods. Still not secessionist, but much more active.

However, all that being said do not confuse our Micronational activity for being Anti – American. Nor think that we’re against Democracy. On the contrary; we know a good chunk of our residents do not want the current government to continue making laws for this territory.  It is the people speaking and we hear the people loud and clear. Our governmental structure may be an Empire, we may be headed by an Empress, but we believe in ultimate laws that give more freedom than is found in most contemporary nations. Leaders here, though being Royals, serve the people in all regards. Our main law, both in our Legal system as well as being the foundation of our Government is Live and Let Live. We don’t speak in the affairs of our citizens, we enable them to live more fulfilled lives so they have the power, authority and resources to live their lives as they choose. Yes, this means we believe in an Universal Global Income. Anything that’s a necessity should ultimately be provided without expecting anything in return. People must live and be secure in their lives before they can thrive. Economic slavery is abhorrent in Hanian belief, it is a system of exploitation and counter to true democracy. How can citizens participate in their government if their lively hood is crushed should they decide to picket or protest a mandate? How can the common man and woman run for office if they can’t put food on the table for their children? How can someone make governmental change if they are forced to live in a crime ridden neighborhood? As long as the rich rule citizens rule those less wealthy with an iron fist by enslaving them within jobs then America is no democracy. Hence the first step of any government that claims to be by the people and for the people should instigate some type of Universal Income for all. This will enable people to speak their voices, it will enable change and participation in the legal and governmental process of the Nation, it will provide ample checks and balances on all levels.

Killing your Citizens also isn’t the sign of a Democratic nation, even if it’s being done indirectly. Many laws can have disastrous consequences. To curb programs for the elderly, to reduce aid departments, to cut food stamps, to screw with healthcare. All of these things indirectly maim and kill your citizens. That’s not a government, so anyone who makes such a law needs to be removed from office. They are supposed to SERVE the Citizens, not harm or kill them. On another level, immigration. A country or nation is defined by people wanting to live there. The more people that seek to be in a nation and call it their own the better it is in the grand scheme of things. It’s up to the government and local administrations to make it work for both those who were here and those who came anew. We’re a Micronation and we’re delighted anytime anyone takes any interest in what we do; yet certain American politicians are fussing about immigration. As Empress I just want to say: “Are you nuts?” You’ve got all these people who want to come live on your land, work for your nation and enrich your culture and you want to turn them away…

Here is the truth about immigration. It’s the true equalizer. People do not leave their homes and their families for little reasons. They uproot due to something being highly undesirable in their home nations. It’s THEIR protest and their voices must be heard so that their own national leadership realize that they need to change their policies. If a country’s people leave, in great waves, that country stops being a nation. This forces leaders and regimes to be upturned and changed to better ones. It forces the change of laws. Why would any democratic nation wish to change this last ditch resort for citizens who wish for a better life? In addition those who immigrate enrich your country. Focus more on integration and providing more industry instead of kicking people out and tearing apart families. Even if they come without proper papers, work to make it work for everyone. Yes, if they actually are criminals then punish them. If they are inciting extremism kick them out; but leave regular families alone and turn them into citizens and contributors to your nation. Give them official papers, a flag and a job. In 99% of cases you’ll be better off for it. The other small percentage is a job for the police and your intelligence agencies. Let them do their job, you do yours by serving the people.

For these reasons and many more we protest. Our protest isn’t just marching in the streets and posting on social media; it’s creating a nation from scratch. This is done to show people what a government should be in reality. Hopefully by seeing it in action they can make changes in their own situations. By seeing both administrations side by side they’ll stop tolerating being exploited and enslaved by their leaders; holding the same to more accountability. So without further ado, here is our Nation profile of our little exo – micronation.

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HayaH Empress

Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I'm a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.

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