We hereby as a micronation claim Bir Tawil – Nambia

We as a Micronation claim Bir Tawil (Nambia)

I realize many people claim Bir Tawil. There are at least a few Micronations who do so every year. Well, add the Hanian Empire to that list now. It’s something that’s been in our plans for a while now, it just hasn’t really been announced before today.  I’m almost 90% sure we’ll get disputed on it at least once on our Micronation claim Bir Tawil. However, I’m confident once we use Hanian methods as given to us by the iimortals we will secure our rights to our claim with no issues. Creativity will help with that as well as will proper planning.

Bir Tawil will almost look like this, though this photo was taken west of there.
Photo License: Some Rights ReservedStan-D

Why we as a Micronation claim Bir Tawil:

You may say, why would we even want it? There is nothing there but sand and heat. It’s surrounded by Egypt and Sudan. Not exactly the best of locations in the world. It’s Africa. Well, it’s Terra nullius, which means it’s land that officially belongs to no one. No Sovereign and recognized Nation claims it as their own. That means for a Micronation like us it’s prime real estate. You might wonder why we’d even bother with claims given we have the iimortals behind us fully. It’s not for them that we’re claiming it, but for people around us that feel like they won’t take us serious as a Nation if we don’t have real Sovereignty backing us up. That means we’d need to go for Bir Tawil, not only claiming it but also finding a way of actually making that claim legit.

This doesn’t just mean planting a flag. We could have that probably done in a few weeks if we really wanted it. However as the King of the Kingdom of North Sudan can probably attest, planting a flag means little to current Sovereign nations. It just gets you in the news for a few weeks. A cute funny cat video gets you viral much faster with less hassle, if you’re after internet fame.

We tweeted: “Many Kings can attest, planting a flag means little to current Sovereign nations. Gets you in the news for a few weeks.”

No, they won’t just let someone usurp their little boys club and come play in their sandbox. See nation making is still on a big fat list of highly restricted activities on this planet. It’s a private club for members of the whose who of the elites and we’re so not invited to that ball. Even if our Fairy Godmother got us that perfect dress.

That means me, they’re specifically pointing at my blinking confused eyes as my crown almost falls of my head. They’re telling me without as much as a word that I can’t play in their school yard. Even though no one at all wants Bir Tawil, there are no new Empresses allowed. Well, me being Hanian I take that as a double dare for me to do just that an conquer it Hanian style. I mean it’s always fun to show them how well we practice our national sport of conquest.

Challenge so accepted!

So, hereby in the Name of HayaH the First, I hereby claim the land known as Bir Tawil for the Hanian Empire. This land is on the African Continent and is located between Egypt and Sudan. It is 795 Square miles and to our knowledge no one lives there permanently and there are no preexisting cities there.  No traditional Sovereign nation claims it, so hereby it is ours as of March 6th, 2017.  Bir Tawil will now henceforth also be known as kul ; lu ; al and will be our first official Sovereign Territory.

There is a lot we’re not revealing quite yet about Red Rock, since some of it is a surprise and we’re not done with it yet. Red Rock is only the temporary nickname until we reveal everything. Unforeseen events encroaching upon our privacy let the proverbial cat out of the bag on this project. These occurrences have been properly harnessed and an initial buzz is already being created. We even have people who wish to be citizens and help administer it!

See our nice little graphic below.

We as a Micronation claim Bir Tawil!

kul ; lu ; al Territory (known now by the rest of the world as Nambia) is one of several planned expansions. Incidentally, we have several other areas of interest on the African continent for later activity, but we won’t be dealing much with transition until a later time.

We announced it by tweet: “Bir Tawil will now henceforth also be known as kul ; lu ; al and will be our first official Sovereign Territory.”

Once we make people more aware that this land is ours then we’ll announce more. In the meanwhile it’s our intent to appoint some local leaders there, open an online embassy and website. We will of course also make local and online connections. Lastly we will do all we can to make it known and be solidified in common consciousness that Nambia is our Sovereign Territory. It’s something which really took off in the fall of 2017.  It seems the best way to go about doing it, unless anyone can think of a better option. Several matters will be put up for a vote to our people on Twitter and then we will go from there with the various specifics as decided.

  • The Nambia Project
  • Basics about Nambia
  • How we gained international recognition
  • Tweets about Nambia
  • Cool Things and Random Notes

We will be creating a future site section just for Nambia so you can gain more information about this wonderful place in the world and our many activities we’ll be undertaking there in the near future.

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