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Animals in Hanian

Animals in Hanian

Since animals are natural creatures they will always use the form of the guiding creatures and natural things od. This of course is unless they are modified by an adjective hanging around them. Then bi * vef will be used instead. That would make you use od gli ; ar for the cat and bi ; gli ; ar vef zulb for the white cat. Of course gli ; ar is the word for cat in Hanian and zulb is white. Don’t worry if this sounds confusing; I’ll toss it at everyone reading this a few more times in the next few weeks so you can pick up on it by osmosis and immersion.

Animals In Hanian
with pictures
  • gli ; ar
    gli ; ar

    gli ; ar

  • me ; yar
    me ; yar

    me ; yar

  • ti ; al
    ti ; al

    ti ; al

  • na ; ka ; thi

    na ; ka ; thi

  • yat ; pj
    yat ; pj

    yat ; pj

  • ke ; vii
    e ; ke ; vii

    ke ; vii

  • zpi ; za
    zpi ; za

    zpi ; za

  • a ; e ; shi

    a ; e ; shi

  • po ; kli
    po ; kli

    po ; kli

  • che ; ku – Can you guess this animal?
  • pü ; ra – How about this one?
  • gla ; di – Anyone know what this might be?

Pretty hard if you don’t have much frame of reference, even with lots of help such as having a bunch of others already given it’s still very hard.

Oh and how many noticed that I didn’t give any animals’ name in English or any other language. Which means even my fair visitors from Mexico and Japan can both understand this perfectly! How is that for a Rosetta Stone?

A che ; ku is a bird, pü ; ra is a rhino and gla ; di is a butterfly.

A Butterfly is called gla ; di  *  two butterflies are called gla ; din * n is a common modifier for more than one.

Here is how the names break down for some others….

cheku – bird (air, rise / top)
zonome – donkey (work, people, alone, request)                                           
ikru – rodent (illness, release, do)
zkiad – penguin (strong, health, equality, temporary)  
guot – bee (benefit, you)                                                      
elazz – reptile (immortal, end, great)
gladi – butterfly (subtle, end, temporary, natural / nature)
negib – fly (close / proximity, out, food)              
tirhiz – gnat (obvious / shining, hate, birth, chaos)
chelod – insect (air, history, creature)    
niorb – short lived insect (new, humble, touch)
chagich – shark (water prowler)
zjirvi – spider (tiny city beast)   
zirth – locust (order, hate, count, recording)
odozjr – bear (rest in cold)
zabne – rat (worldly, slave, close / in proximity)  
chocha – amphibian (ground / water)
gikro – dinosaur (food, illness, release, pride)

Most of these of course are self explanatory. Some are a tad bit more complex or things which derived their meanings by observed attributes.

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