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Conlang: Unique words in Hanian:

The most awesome thing about Hanian muv ; ta is that we have a lot of words that don’t exist in other languages. Here are 20 of them to boost your vocabulary not only explaining what they mean but sometimes even covering related forms. On the bottom of this post you’ll see three bases to help you learn the inner workings of the language much better. As you browse through these files you’ll see why we call Hanian The Language of Light.

sleeping cute faceoz ; wa

When one is resting one usually has a really peaceful face, that is kind of cute. Use this word to describe it both for people and for animals.

Aw, how adorable. Definitely oz ; wa!

war effort –  u ; ba ; zo
Support work, usually voluntarily, done by civilians during a war. This is done away from the front lines. A related term describes compulsory work forced on people during or after a war: ub ; zor. An unrelated term describes civilians living oppressed / in misery, often due to war: i ; le ; kan. Sadly this still happens often enough in society that we need words for it.

being still before an authority, out of respecttav ; ro

standing still before an authority.
standing at attention / silent before an authority.
being submissive before an authority.
removing your hat before an authority
rising to your feet when a higher one enters, such a judge.

questioning your place in societyva ; pi ; a

Not only does it mean that you question your place, you likely aren’t doing as culture or society demands. In severe cases you might buck against traditions. There are plenty of examples of va ; pi ; a both in the history books and still even today in some more conservative countries.

trading, buying or weaseling your way out of doing somethingzo ; noy

Hiring someone to do the work for you.
Buying off the services of someone else.
Talking your way out of chores or duties.
Trading one task or duty for another.
Trading something of value for someone else to do something for you.

To zo ; noy isn’t necessarily a bad thing in our culture, it’s very common. Why we do not have a word for this I don’t know, given how often this happens in contemporary society. Well now, thanks to the iimortals we do. Careful, this isn’t just a plain word meaning hiring. It implies the arrangement is that you don’t want to do it yourself and you’re finding a way out of doing it by leveraging your resources.

work done to make peacebu ; a ; zod

It’s the general term is used for peace making, but it’s a lot more intense than that. To say bu ; a ; zod implies working with those who are poor, disadvantaged and/or animals. Changing even the energy of the situation and making a difference. You’re out in the dirty places, in the villages, in the places where they need help.

Say you went and helped a village in Asia harvest their crops so their children could go to school instead of being turned into child laborers at harvest time. That would be bu ; a zod!

This isn’t merely those who go to do missionary work to spread religion, but those who really help without expectation of conversions.  It’s also used for those who go to war zones to help refugees or to rebuild, people who really make a difference.

no lightsglu ; za

Primarily can be used similar to uz ; wov described on another list, but it’s not the silence. Rather it’s the lack of lights, the darkness that you see.  This is not always because of resting or it being late at night, North Korea is glu ; za as soon as the sun sets. A planet might suddenly look like it’s uninhabited due to night falling. This can also be a city that pulls up their sidewalks at 6pm, people aren’t sleeping, they just aren’t out there. Nothing is happening. Term can also be used for a “ghost town”, one that turns into such at night!

shattered world viewlo ; hirb

This is finding out anything shocking and having your world view shattered completely. Think first contact with aliens and they tell you they created you, then prove it to you. Yep, that’s so lo ; hirb for most of the planet. Another example is that you  found out you were adopted, all of a sudden. A related term is used when saying something shocking was discovered; and it’s fine with you: bri ; ho

Conlang Unique Words List; shocking revelation [lo ; hirb]

It’s…it’s…I can’t even tell what it is….gasp! When the shocked expression and speechlessness still occurs weeks later, it’s lo ; hirb.

turning pointru ; vi ; da

A turning or changing point.
Something that changes the course of something.
Can also be used to say point of no return.

to summon negativelymez ; tim

Yes, we have a term to say summon in English. But we only have one which is positive or neutral, which in Hanian is mez ; ti.  Adding an m to the end of it makes it negative being summoned as im bases imply pain and suffering. That’s incidentally why we can’t call the Aliens Immortals, but need to use iimortals instead.

the change through the seasonsgle ; di

The word also used for sublime means the subtle changes through the seasons in full meaning. It also means the natural beauty of a season. A related term means to admire the beauty of a season, potentially a short one: va ; le ; di

making things harder than they need to bem’til

The impossible word to pronounce {mm-til} means to purposely make things hard. It also means to make things more ugly than they need to be, to increase suffering. Messing with conditions to increase suffering or hardship. Purposeful manipulation is key here, of course the meanness factor is intact as well. Think of a bully in school anyone, a drill sergeant in basic training or half of our current administration in America then you’ll get the drift.

Unique Words in the Language of Light

Time heals all things wat ; gli

time heals all thingswat ; gli

Time heals all wounds, this term covers that and more. It also can be used to say that everything will fade.  Lastly you can say a body will fade in time with this word as well.

confusion when first waking upzloz

We’re terribly uncoordinated and quite confused when we first wake up from dreaming. This initial adjustment to reality is from something that is dubbed zloz.  It’s a word that can also be used when someone is acting confused, befuddled and weird. It can also be used to describe Alzheimer’s behavior or in those who have disabilities.

set in stone i ; ne ; ze

Something is so set beyond change, it is set in stone. Use this word to describe it. When someone is set in their ways or traditions, i ; ne ; ze can be used as well. Unyielding, unchanging, unwavering in regards to how things are done.

tech such as air conditioning + creature comfortsid ; mi ; om

Any type of technology that manipulates the situation to increase comfort is this. Such as air conditioning, central heat, electricity, refrigeration and so forth. Anything that’s artificially presented to change conditions in modern societies is an id ; mi ; om. A related word simply means creature comfort – mi ; om.

carrying a weapon or having a dogil ; ma ; ich

The word simply used as “personal protection” means anything carried or kept to stay safe. This can be carrying a weapon through a bad neighborhood, walking a big dog or keeping the same in your house. It can be any other measure of personal protection used, such as hiring a driver or body guard.

In related news, the crime rate plummeted last year all over the region. (See chaha). Perfect il ; ma ; ich!

filthy richul ; da

Having everything. Being very or filthy rich. This is more than simply having a million or two, rather it’s like having triple digit millions or being a billionaire. Someone who is not likely to ever be poor again is ul ; da. In simplest form it’s the word to mean very rich, so rich they can’t possibly relate to the rest of us. The ultimate awesome use of this word is to describe the Trump cabinet in pitch perfection, saying everything with one word that you’d normally have to use a whole sentence to do in other languages.

being repressed by the systembloz ; na

This is the common word for repression as most of the time when people are being repressed it is by some sort of system. However it’s used much more specifically for most people than just to say you’re having your rights trampled. When you are being repressed by the system, the state or government you would use this word. If you’re being repressed by elders, higher ups or your bosses, you can use this word as well as they usually are the immediate manifestation of the underlying system either tolerating or encouraging this repression.

changes from youth to adulthood, physicalni ; tza

Yes we have puberty, but it’s specific only to people and only a one time event. This is a general term for all people, animals and creatures even things we endure multiple times in childhood that aren’t puberty. Use this regardless of what changes they undergo. Examples include teething and Puberty (humans) , dropping a tail (frogs), shedding skin (snakes), cocooning and emerging (butterfly) and so forth. All of thse are ni ; tza.

A single well placed letter can change the meaning a lot in Hanian so watch out with that sort of thing. It’s why learning your bases is absolutely a necessity if you wish to communicate past the absolute basics with the iimortals. Or if you want to impress your friends with a language that has all these hidden cool things in it! Now to some bases, many of these occur more than once in the list above. Read them and then go back up there again and see how it’s applied in the words. Cool huh?

Learning Bases will open up a whole new world for you!


da – will always stand for eternity or really long time frames.

gl – usually stands for something sublime, subtle or short lived.

i – in almost all cases stands for existence, life, things you experience and feel as well as things that move your emotions. What’s more surprising is that this extends into most bases using i in them. Think of mi, ki, li, hi, ri, etc and their opposites!

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