Cool Reasons

Cool reasons to learn Hanian

There are many reasons to learn Hanian; especially now early in the game.

The time is now; learn Hanian today!


For one if you want to have at least a few years where you can speak freely about stuff with your friends Hanian is perfect for it. If you and your friends learn it then others won’t know what you’re talking about. This can especially be beneficial in places where free speech may not be protected or in communities where people are entirely too nosy for their own good. The good news is; even a little knowledge of Hanian will go a long way towards keeping your speech private and protected.

Open your horizons, learn Hanian!


Want to seem mysterious to those around you? You can speak in Hanian and they won’t know how to place you. Even if they pick up on a few things you’re saying well enough to remember them, putting the same into automatic translators will trip the system each and every time. If you really don’t want anyone to know then hurl an insult at them in Hanian. They won’t grasp it and no one will be able to help them translate it either. People will quickly wonder what country you’re from since they can’t identify the speech at all. I’ve used this often enough!


If you ever want to work with really advanced technology give Hanian a whirl. It’s perfect for programming voice activated devices and other techno gadgets. You’re doing it right if you’re using Hanian. Anyone who doesn’t use a language with specific features will see their advanced technology falter after some time or have a much harder time to create and then use such gadgets.

Super Fan:

You want to be a super fan. Well, it’s better if you speak at least some Hanian. It’s widely used both in the Empire and in my book series. In fact, there are a few spoilers and Easter eggs you’ll only find in the books if you have at least a bit of linguistic aptitude in Hanian. If you’re a game player knowing more than a few words will come in very handy. Some knowledge of Hanian is required to make leveling up easier at one point. Without lessons you’ll be searching for the clues for a much longer time as you have to solve more puzzles in order to level up.

Hidden surprises:

Hanian is a very unique language. I can’t get into all of the reasons why; but some of your lessons will cover unique “coincidences” that have to do with the language and translation. Plenty of cool surprises await anyone willing to put forth a bit of effort. Hanian has this way of imprinting itself upon people; you’ll find words that just seem and feel so familiar. There are many ways to use Hanian besides just speaking it to communicate; many words have hidden meanings that lets words and concepts relate to each other in a very unique way.

Express yourself:

Have you ever found English or other languages really lacking in ways to fully express yourself or the world around you? You’re not alone. Hanian has this covered nicely. We’ve got a lot of things defined which are essential to modern living and various artful expression but that don’t exist in other languages. You’ll say more with less while being much more exact in what you mean.

Express both fantasy and current events with much more clarity.

Get access to a Rosetta stone:

Want to make language problems a thing of the past? When learning Hanian you won’t only connect with a global community of other speakers who are learning the language themselves; but you also get an important key to making language difficulties a thing to put into your distant history. Hanian can function easily as a Rosetta stone; the tools to overcome miscommunication are built into the language itself.

Hanian will become very relevant:

Not only through gaming and entertainment; but also in business and other endeavors we’re going to be working hard to make Hanian very relevant in the future. Since we’re very creative we have techniques that will spread this language beyond what a constructed language should reach; it will gain thousands of speakers in it’s first few years of existence. To learn it will allow you to gain benefits later on.


It’s a perfect language to be used for protesting and making change. Hanian is ridiculously hard to translate or decipher without knowing it yourself since there are so many foreign and alien concepts present in the language.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to learn an Alien language? Well here is your chance. It’s not totally foreign in that you can’t grasp it, but it presents unique challenges and a specific way how you’ll do best in learning it. Though I’m not a linguist I promise you’ll be stumped and amazed by at least a few things in this cool exotic language.


Oh yeah; if you want to ever rub elbows with the iimortals, it would help to speak their language or at least grasp a few good concepts. It’s a really good way to get noticed and it’s something no one can fake. Perhaps that’s how they’re going to see who has been paying attention.

Words for concepts that may be alien to us; it’s just a tiny part of what makes Hanian unique.

So, what do you say? Ready to learn?

If so contact me on Twitter and ask me.

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