This is considered very important in Hanian belief for solidifying claims and making the same legit by anyone’s yard stick. We don’t just claim, we occupy and yes even live on our claims. Work, live and sleep there if you will. Oftentimes we’ll do this before we even claim it!

This is done to legitimize our presence and authority over a given area. To make us legal to exist as a nation. We do this by physically being in as well as passing through the place in question. Take rachorm. We lived here for some time and still do, in addition we tour the wilderness regularly. As royals we cover automatically by where we live and travel, but sometimes it’s good to take an extra step in this. Rather than just doing a hasty ceremony and then being gone again we occupy our holdings. What’s true for rachorm is true for something as grand as 3 million square miles of pristine & very affluent territory.

A territory as large as this requires a few extra steps than us merely living in one small section of it. While royals cover, we can take the extra incentive and really cover. Most of the covering is normally done by nezra, our nezra scouts especially. Under traditional Hanian circumstances nezra would be specifically placed into fields where they can do this covering and scouting automatically as part of their daily and weekly duties.

So we got clever! Since royals hold automatic authority, daHavor took the extra step and became a nezra scout to be able to cover, scout and claim at will even without me there. He was doing scouting already around rachorm so we merely made it more official by him becoming nezra. The lifestyle of a nezra scout isn’t normally suited for a royal. The placement is lower traditionally since it involves a great deal of sacrifice to effectively work that post. As nezra you often lose access to guaranteed basic necessities in order to fulfill your tjb. In addition you are away from home and family for extended periods of time. Of course you also work much harder than our traditional work week.

As if that wasn’t hard enough he proceeded to take a traditional job position that would allow him (and later me) the chance to have access to a large chunk of the continental United States.

Read this again, if you missed it.

We now have access to the Continental United States.

About half of it.

This brings us to the interesting situation that managed to get the USA able to be solidified as a claim before we even got to doing any type of flag ceremony or anything for it. In fact before I even realized the scope of it daHavor had already been over most of the East Coast.

Whenever I asked “Where are you at?”

The answer changed as did the name of the state he happened to be in at the time.

In the week of April 15-21 alone daHavor has physically been in these places:

He’s covered a lot of roads that week alone…

– Georgia
– Alabama
– Mississippi
– Tennessee
– Arkansas
– Missouri
– Illinois
– Indiana
– Michigan
– Ohio
– W. Virginia
– Virginia
– N. Carolina

13 states.

How’s that for solidifying legitimacy and covering?

Oh yes, that was as far as I heard is a pretty slow week, with lots of stops and overnight stays! Even so he’s managed to drive past and even stay in a few cities including Chicago, Detroit, Little Rock among other places. Most incredibly he managed to be a bridge shy of Canada; a single bridge. He could probably see Canada.

One thing about daHavor; he’s a really, really, really good scout…..

Now it’s his job to continually crawl over every inch of our territory. Every freaking inch of it. For us to have a solid claim we must work the territory; that’s always been a rule of ours. We did this with rachorm too! This is very important because you got to know your territory intimately. Normally you’d have to study countless of maps and take a lot of trips out of pocket to accomplish this on your own. By the nature of his placement daHavor does this automatically; he’ll know half of the United States like the back of his hand before it’s all said and done. In fact, other truckers have told him he’ll get to that point in less than a year. Knowing him, it’ll be 6 months!

Another thing is he’s very loyal and dedicated…..

To be a legit nation we have to provide vital infrastructure services. What’s more vital than trucking? Not much as far as I can see. We may only have one trucker, but that’s enough. Now it’s part of his job to provide vital infrastructure services to those in our territories and thus our residents and citizenry. Since our citizens are found all over the place it’s hard to do this directly, so we work by towns, cities and regions. Not like he can come to your door and bring you stuff, like ya know pizza….

So we have to switch it up a bit given the much larger scope of things now. A good part of the USA is now officially part of our nation, since it’s being legitimized every day by his actions. As such he serves our citizenry indirectly by doing a job that provides these services to all people that live in our territories. That’s Industry & Services. Oh yes and he’s getting resources too!

  • By being a truck driver daHavor is successfully fulfilling this important part of the equation.

With that and much more we solidify our legitimacy of existing as a nation much better than doing a flag ceremony somewhere. Heck, if you’re reading this then chances are that something you’ll buy in the next year will have been brought to you by the Hanian Empire; by our very own King daHavor. By partaking in it you not only stimulate the economy but have allowed us to exist as a nation. Not too shabby for the smallest nation on earth, huh?

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