Easy Things

Welcome to the Empire;

Here are some easy things you can do.

  • Participate in any conversation on Twitter by retweeting, liking or commenting on stuff.
  • Protest and Speak your mind against Trump and other bad leaders with #TheResistance.
  • Get two others to follow us & become citizens by liking and / or Retweeting our Pinned Tweet.
    • Keep it going by having them do the same :).
  • Tell others what we stand for; pick something about us and tweet or tell them about it.
  • Use the #HAZ hashtag.
  • Speak about Global Unity, us being one Humanity or about how we need to follow Live and Let Live as our only Law.
  • Consider more involvement by talking to us about positions and active projects via DM.

What we stand for in a nutshell:

Freedom for all people to have Opportunity and Abundance, in Peace with Justice for all.

We believe in Global Unity not in arbitrary artificial borders. Also that progression and reward should come from Merit and Action; not be granted by money or the color of your skin. We believe in the power of crowd-sourcing as well as to unite creatively to do for others as well as yourself. All of us seek to find common ground with Live and Let Live, then unite to protect our world and make it better it for everyone. In the Hanian Empire we believe in Intelligent Extra Terrestrial Life and we’re about responsible advancement of the Human species. Morality, Religion and how you wish to raise your family are a person’s personal business; a government exists to increase opportunity, create stable infrastructure and assure citizens are able to express themselves and seek progress for them and their families.

Author Bio

HayaH Empress

Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I'm a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.

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