Empire Motto

Empire Motto:

To Dream * To Dare * To Do

In a strange sort of epiphany I noticed the other day that I had been effectively sitting on our perfect motto for a good part of my life. When I was about 16 or (even younger) this phrase popped into my head one day. Though I found it cool I didn’t know what purpose it would serve. For some time, perhaps a month or two I thought of it constantly, probably even scribbled it into notebooks like I did back then. I didn’t know where it came from, just that it was cool. It seemed so logical. So organized. Utterly perfect; just rolling off one’s tongue with ease. A whole philosophy rolled into six simple words; a philosophy that could enable you to do anything even accomplish the impossible.

Then over time I totally forgot about it. I didn’t have anything to attach it to and make it a reality. The phrase got lodged into the back regions of my brain. Until a few days ago. It again entered my mind, again I saw the perfection. The absolute simplicity and beauty of it. Then it hit me : That’s the Empire’s Motto. That’s how we can do all these incredible things. Typing it out on a website page I looked at it and got the biggest set of goose bumps of the year. It would make an awesome motto for us.

Some more days passed.  Then I realized it’s significance like a brick hitting me. This came to me so long ago. Out of seemingly nowhere. A time and place I couldn’t really effectively track down. Like so many other things I’d gotten by the same means since then. This was the exact same thing; from the same Source as all the other awesome things found here. Looking at it again I realized it really was a perfect motto, a piece that had been missing for so long. Then I sent the tweet announcing it. Now we have a motto if people like it as much as I do.


All endeavors start with a dream. Someone has to see it in their minds eye and express the desire that this would be beneficial. They have to, even if it seems impossible to sit down and visualize it in some way. Dream implies something that’s hard to pull off. Something that the world tells you that you can’t have, can’t achieve. You must dream it despite all that pressure. We say unifying the world, bringing peace and abundance to the same. That’s impossible. You can’t do that. The nations of the world, the very system won’t let you. Never. No one has done it before. Regardless of what anyone says, a dream is the first step in anything. Who would have thought that mankind would have built cities, strapped themselves into rockets and shot themselves into space to get to the moon, invented the internet so we can globally communicate. Hell, some would perhaps say we should all still be mindless animals mucking about in the dirt. But you know what. Someone DREAMED those things. Someone stood up and said that can be done, against all odds. Guess what, we’re here now aren’t we? If all those people hadn’t dreamed all those impossible things, we wouldn’t be here now.

The next step is to dare. Dreams, especially of impossible seeming stuff aren’t easy to make happen. They take courage. Imagine the first person to say I’m gonna try to do agriculture and sit here not hunting. We’re gonna stay here this winter instead of migrating to better hunting grounds. Or what about the colonists who took off for the foreign shores of America then daring to form America by telling the British crown to get lost. Humans who made changes always had to dare to do the impossible. To stand opposite of the world in some way. It’s gutsy and scary. But if no one has the courage to stand up then nothing will change. Dare is important because for all great things there is always opposition. It’s to stand in the face of everyone and everything and say I don’t care what you say of how impossible my dream is I dare to make a stand. It means saying no matter what, I make the commitment now to keep at it day in and day out regardless of the outcome.

From Dreaming and Daring it must go to doing. That’s the final step. You must take the dream and your guts to follow it to the next level by doing all that’s necessary to see it through. This means work. Never – glorious, Bone crushing, crying and screaming and tearing hair out work. It means sacrifice and living on the mere hope of your dream breathing it every day and night to see it through. Yes. Spending hours on Twitter to grow my accounts so I could have an audience to hear words that might just be drowned out by celebrities or bad politicians. Trying to write the perfect Dystopian Novel so that people could see the effects of inaction; a book few might ever read. Defining thousands of words, syllable by syllable for a language that no one might ever speak. Trying to pull together an impossible plan from hundreds of different directions tying it all into a project that could change everything. One that people might ignore or even ridicule cause it’s so unusual.

Just like I had to do this, so each of you will need to have these same qualities to some extent in order for us to make this work. You must believe enough to dream the dream with me. Like me you’ll have to have the courage to stand against the system and yes even the world. To take a piece of this crazy plan and run with it. Then you must be willing to put forth the effort to make it a reality and do the work. But if we each do all three of those in succession, we will succeed. Even to see the world as we know it should be for all people everywhere.

Are you ready To Dream * To Dare * To Do

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Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I'm a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.

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