Enter an alien society

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Enter an Alien Society:

The requirements to get started aren’t too many. In addition some of them are quite fun, though it can be a bit of a challenge. It should only take a little of your time to do this, time you give to show you’re interested, excited and intrigued at the reality of contact. The requirements center around three areas of activity, two of which you’ve most likely completed halfway before you even got here. They involve Twitter and registering for this website; both of them should take no more than five minutes of your time. If you’re not done with them we’ll run you through the rest of it in no time.

But first the first challenge you’ll have to meet; this one will take a little more effort but it’s fun.

You’ll have to make first contact with aliens. Yep you get to contact real aliens. Furthermore you’ll get to welcome them to Earth as well as ask them to let you join their society. It seems simple but it’s not, so you’ll probably want to take a little time to prepare for this as you don’t just want to hit the gate running before you know what you’re doing.

Feel free to get some help with this from others around you or via social media that aren’t players already. This allows you to get more input as well as to open dialogue so you’re not feeling like you’re alone in trying to do this challenge. Challenging it will be for you, as well as a mystery since you won’t have complete information while you’re doing it.

Your message should address the following in a sufficient manner:

Messaging aliens, nothing to it or is there?

Making actual contact.   Inviting the iimortals to earth and helping them feel welcome.
Stating why you want their help in regards to humanity.  Thank them for their efforts in guiding humanity.  Asking respectfully to be permitted to enter their society.
Why they should let you join their society. What you like more about their society than our current society.  A little bit about you and your interests and that you’re willing to learn / adapt / make this work.

This is just a template, you don’t want to copy it exactly. You just want to assure you address most if not all these points in some fashion in your message. In addition you need to keep cultural differences in mind; keeping the whole thing quite respectful is helpful as well. Most of this is scattered about, however with some of it you’ll just have to use your gut feelings.  A little research will help to remove some of the ambiguity in this matter. Showing enthusiasm for first contact and arrival will go along way even if you’re stumbling elsewhere.  Depending on how well you do it, your message will determine a few things: It won’t only determine if they let into the door this early in time but also your initial starting position in their society. You won’t know what’s normal nor necessarily how to increase your odds for a good placement past a few basics.

These are pretty high stakes; so it’s suggested you get some help from others that aren’t players either online or offline in crafting your message. Players who are already in the game may not help you with this activity or challenge. They have more information than you do and it would reduce the impact of this challenge where not knowing everything is a completely normal thing and thus part of the appeal. Research can also help as can thinking about it; how you’d like to be approached if you were in their shoes. Even Nature can inspire you.

Alien cultures could be vastly different from our own…..

You may eventually have the messages from others that you can see to help inspire you; especially as the weeks carry on. Even having them as inspiration you should never copy them in any way or fashion. It shows sloppiness and can be construed as being an insult if it’s discovered. You also don’t know if their messages had the intended results. What you’re seeking here is to stand out from the pack, that means you want to make a great first impression. In fact you want to set yourself aside from the rest of humanity; the masses of people of whom the iimortals don’t have a particularly good impression. I mean, look at the world and how we act toward one another; look at it from the outside perspective and it’s easy to see what I mean. As such its’ no wonder they’re not viewing the whole lot of us as well as we might wish. So do what you can to separate yourself from the things which may communicate the wrong things to them.

The earlier you do this and get accepted, the better it is for you and your family.

  • This activity is done via the Message Aliens forum. You won’t be able to see anything on that board until you’ve made a post sending your own message to the Aliens. Leave a sentence or two of your message as a comment below so others can get a little help in doing this activity.  You can also ask others for help with your message, as long as they aren’t citizens of the Empire nor have done this activity yet.

Doing this activity grants an Achievement & Citizenship; it is one of two things you can do to gain Empire Citizenship!

Remember, post your whole message to the Message Aliens Forum. Also put a one sentence sample below to help other players and to get your achievement!

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