Escaping the Sandbox

Escaping the Sandbox;

aka. Why we’re won’t just be doing Micronational stuff….

—- Why not just run a Micronation?

There are hundreds of very interesting and valid Micronations out there scattered all over the world. Each with their own flavor, but still many are similar in many ways. Many of them have very good structures and even more potential. Sadly most never reach their true potential as their limited to one segment of society, they’re stuck in a niche and they can’t get out of it. Most of the people who join Micronations are those who wish to build new nations. Many like the pomp and circumstance of it all. It’s a very small subsection of the public. What’s worse is that many of them would rather build their own nation then help another build one already in existence. I mean they want independence and they want to be their own king. So, yeah that’s natural. In addition, many of those who build nations focus on the Uniforms, the Diplomacy with other Nations, the Proclamations and other ceremonial aspects of building Nations.  Others focus on the foundation paperwork, declaration of independence, constitutions, elections and the like. They want to get into the pits and hold the reigns of the politics behind it all. Several fight mock wars and set up organizations the mirror the UN, NATO and other multinational bodies. They want to play the games the elites are playing. They want to be involved in our world. That’s wonderful, as a hobby. But it won’t grow you because you’re always going to be playing in the same sandbox.

The only ones I’ve seen break through the innumerable barriers are those who stood apart from the pack. If you’re going to be doing this impossible thing you must stand apart from the pack. This doesn’t mean just stand apart from the Micronations. No it means stand apart from everything out there. By this token we don’t need another standard Micronation that does the same things as everyone else. It would just crowd the sandbox. If I wanted that, then I could have just joined Liberland or Asgardia or even Molossia. Submitted my paperwork, entered an election or took a position and been done with it. They have good structures. Their Leaders are worthy and well informed. They have a lot of opportunity and it looks very fun to participate. But that’s not good enough in most cases. Every Micronation eventually faces this barrier of being in a niche. They will all eventually come head first with the world and either stagnate or loose. We’re lucky if three Micronations make it through this point unscathed; most will fold long before that point.

So if we have to break out of the barriers and get out of the niche then we have to be different. Not only in structure,  but also in what we do and why. Claiming land and sticking a flag on it obviously doesn’t do it. Even getting in the news doesn’t do it. No matter how much you petition your home country or the UN, no one is going to recognize you. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. They don’t want you to build another nation because they’re already fighting each other to make nations who are already here go away. There are many very valid nations who they won’t even recognize and tons of smaller nations are often exploited and sometimes even invaded. Politics are a fickle game, one that’s driven by power and greed.  With limited amount of land they won’t let you participate. You’re in the sandbox in the slums of Mumbai, they’re on the beach in Tahiti. Don’t give a flying rats bottom what you want, you’re not getting it. In their eyes you’re a slave who is just dreaming of being a master, a fantasy they’ll let you indulge for a tiny bit before they rush you back into the fields again. They won’t let you opt out of the world if they can help it. It’s a startling realization I made as I planned to set up the Empire. The world wouldn’t want me to thrive creating my own system they want me working hard under their system. If I wanted to change this and break out of the niche I had to think outside the sand box.

Then it hit me.

The world is changing before our eyes and problems that need addressing are growing each year. The world is on a collision course with itself and people are very unsatisfied with the way how things are going. This is true in many places. However, they don’t know how to make the changes because they’re all still trying to work the system. It’s like a bunch of slaves going to master to complain about the way the plantation is being ran. Won’t help. Will only waste energy and bring tears. I write dystopian science fiction, my protagonist faces that issue head-on and it’s a nasty cycle that doesn’t accomplish anything. You can’t fight the system by staying in the system, unless you learn to wield the system to your benefit. Yes. You heard right. You’ve got to be different, but still use everything around you to your benefit. Yes, my protagonist taught me a lot!

This brings me to the next point. People are sick of things, but most won’t take action on it. They’ve been brainwashed to be content in their lives. Sadly it’s true regardless of where you go or how bad people are doing in their lives. Because it’s been like this forever and a day many are just drudging along day by day like drones. They need a spark of fire to get them moving but their only outlet is consumption and entertainment. Since the world gives them that they resign themselves to the way how things are all the while never realizing that it can be much better.

Since entertainment and consumption are the only two outlets permitted to most people things are very stagnant there. It’s all been done before. All stories have been told before, all movies have the same flavor and there is only so much sports we can do if we’ve had the same dozen leagues for the last hundred years. Pokemon go was successful cause it was different from the norm. Reality TV took off because it was new. Due to being the only outlet people are constantly seeking new entertainment and new experiences that they haven’t had before. That’s also why people travel so much, spending every last dime on a few vacations here and there. They want to go to a different place and do different things. They want to be entertained that isn’t the old stuff recycled. I mean how much TV, Video Gaming and Sports can we really handle? It all gets very old fast. How many marvel superhero movies can we take before we bore of it? We’re at a breaking point. Trust me on that.

So I saw this concept to make an interactive reality based game. Through my story line I found this really cool what if scenario that was just kinda forming in my head. That’s cool was my next thought, followed by holy crap – no one had done anything even remotely like this before. The world was literally ripe for this and there were people in many niches I could easily attract to the concept given enough buzz.

Some of the groups of people I can attract:

  • Gamers of all stripes
  • Sci – Fi Fans
  • Linguists
  • Art and Culture buffs
  • Arm Chair politicians
  • Political Activists
  • Alien / UFO Subculture
  • Dystopian Fans (yeah, Handmaid tale, Hunger Games and other such fans – they’ll go nuts over this eventually)
  • Philosophers
  • Scientists (May not be many at the beginning, but even a few will grow us more than any other Micronation)
  • Alternative Communities
  • New Age Community
  • Global Unity Advocates
  • Culinary enthusiasts
  • Peace activists
  • Liberals
  • Communists
  • Entomologists (Yes it’s weird, but they’ll show up eventually)
  • Environmentalists
  • Others which I can’t mention for it’s a trade secret.

We have a wide open field from which to find people to participate. As long as I integrate my Micronation with this entertainment concept and stay relevant with current events. Being semi active in just one of these niche areas has already gotten us further than a good chunk of the other Micronations around us and we’re not even set up yet. So it turns out that by finding a way to entertain society I can make my Micronation stand apart from the pack.

So yes, we’re serious as a Micronation in that we’re social change activists but we’re also a game! Due to this we’ll hit the gates running when the time comes to make our official debut since we never played in the sandbox to begin with…..

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HayaH Empress

Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I'm a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.

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