Flag Crawl

Flag Crawl:

Our Flag crawls through a good part of America from July 4th, 2017 to September 10th, 2017!

Keep reading & scrolling because I’ve got lots of cool pictures here 🙂

Brookport – Metropolis Junction; can you find where this is located? Summer 2017

One of the major cool things I have done in the last few months together with King daHavor has been the flag – crawl. It’s where we took the flag on the road with us while we were passing through our many territorial holdings here in America. It was placed on the dash of the vehicle and was visible at all times. This was an easy and fun way to solidify our claims as well as let the public and residents see our flag over and over again. It’s just one example of that legendary Hanian Ingenuity.

Flag Crawl – Summer 2017; Either Indiana or Ohio. On many days we covered 3 or more states.

We had originally made the flag in ra ; chorm. For months it stayed nicely colored sitting in the Imperial Palace. However, the moment we took it out on the road it started fading quickly in the sunlight. During the flag crawl I had to re-color the flag every week from being used so much. Gradually it always turned white! Our flag may not look like much, but it did the job very well given the limited resources we had on the road. This was perfect because it meant that flag crawling was an ongoing activity. Making the flag anew in so many states made this even more symbolic.

Coloring the flag again after it had faded from the sunshine during the flag crawl. Summer 2017

Since King daHavor became a trucker I figured we can get creative with our territorial “conquests.” It’s called conquest only as a social and cultural thing; we don’t really do any actual conquering. It’s more like involving ourselves creatively with the places we seek to make ours officially. That means we do things like covering and always being seen around our vast territorial holdings. In addition we spend time and effort creatively serving our populations in these places. Another major aspect is staying overnight in various towns and cities; the more often we do it the more we solidify our hold over it. Lastly it’s doing the flag crawl.

Beautiful Mountains, Summer 2017

All of these are much more potent in territorial acquisition than simply traveling there once and raising up a flag. It’s more solid than going once before leaving to talk about it being ours. No, we’re always there. I came up with these procedures by taking the measuring sticks of other Micronations in their claims and then expanding on it.   Ra ; chorm provided some guidelines for territorial acquisition, but it was a tiny territory compared to our holdings in the rest of the Continental USA once we expanded past our own neighborhood. For something that large we needed slightly different methods, including the flag crawl.

Unique overpass bridge, I believe it was in Michigan. We stuck it to the window that week. Summer, 2017

Most of this was done on a trial basis over the Summer of 2017 and it’s deemed a total success. I took tons of pictures both for documentation and to show off the scope of the flag crawl. Some of these have been made public already. Others will be incrementally added over the next year both on Twitter and on this website.

King daHavor has a brilliant idea as we wait to make a delivery to our residents! Stick the flag to the window. Summer 2017

More flag crawling will occur over the next two years; now that it’s been successfully tested. Most notably in Winter 2017. Then again from Spring 2018 well into 2019 or even longer. This is because scouting and claim solidification was a success and will now become a permanent project. The flag crawl is a major part of this endeavor. Perhaps we’ll create an Instagram or other account for the purpose of sharing the flag crawl pictures with everyone. In the future we may even flag crawl internationally; take videos in diverse places, take it on cruises and do other really creative things all of which came from a simple test run in our American Territories….

Flag crawl through our American Territories, Summer 2017

Territories covered:
Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.  Many of these were extensively covered in the flag crawl, while others just managed to get occasional visits so far. Not too shabby though for having two people only working with Territorial Expansion; right?

Big beautiful bridge entering Missouri, they’re all over our territories. Summer 2017 Flag Crawl

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