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Game Goals (For Players)

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The game we have here is a very vibrant one with many goals for players set in current times utilizing this world as your playing field. This will keep you on your toes as it’s not like traditional games where the outcome is merely to “beat” the game or win “against your opponents”. Here you’re competing with other players but you’re also competing against society, the system and yes even time. These are the initial game goals; as the game progresses you’ll get to places and do things you never imagined possible. Playing this game may get you addicted, you’ve been warned.

  • One: Are aliens involved… Yes or No?

Figuring out if there are aliens involved may seem simple but it’s really not. It’s the first and main goal of all players, especially for those who wish to sail through the game with minimal effort. Solving that mystery is everything to you as a player of this game as the answer to this decides the fate of the known universe. Or at least the fate of our world. While this is an individual challenge it’s also a group one too. That’s what will make it very difficult as people have a hard time agreeing with each other about basics much less something as complicated as Alien Contact. The nature of this contact and the various events surrounding it will make this all the more of a challenge. You won’t be able to identify things clearly and the clues to prove or disprove are often hidden deep and away from sight. The seriousness of a potential real contact cannot be understated. It’s so intense that some people may veer on the side of caution and act as if even if they don’t believe it all the way. Others are so stubborn in their traditions they may see clear proof and deny it to the grave. Most just won’t pay enough attention to detail to catch it. Then there is the added complication regarding motives and identities. Players have to figure this out as well; which is hundreds of times harder than the original question of ET involvement or not. Both can be ascertained only by joining the Aliens’ Society and taking a serious look around.

Other Goals:

All goals past number two are much more difficult and challenging.

They involve you being sent on an adventurous wild goose chase by the aforementioned aliens. They demand as part of First Contact and Arrival that certain conditions are met by humanity. This means you’ll have to team up with other players to succeed in a number of endeavors, most of them effectively pitting you against the often corrupt systems on this planet. When I say wild goose chase that’s exactly what I mean; figuratively in some cases and literally in other cases. Meeting these goals will be the most challenging but interesting thing you’ve ever done in your life. Having potentially real alien contact occurring behind the scenes and around you while you’re doing it makes it even more exiting sending you into an adrenaline pumping ride of your life. Just a warning, playing this game may be addictive!

  • Two: Rising higher in the Aliens’ Society

The second goal is to rise higher in the Aliens’ Society. Being part of the Empire as a Citizen is the only way how you can even join their society, so that’s the first step. Then to rise you simply participate in something and adapt yourself to the culture. Rising sometimes takes meeting and succeeding in several of the other goals enough to make an impact; incrementally of course. You’ll be competing against others in this endeavor of rising, but you’ll need their help to succeed in the goals. This is because ultimately you’re competing against both time and the system more than you’re ever competing against the other players.

  •  Three: Getting others to join the Aliens’ Society

It may seem easier to the casual observer that to succeed at goal number two is to assure the Empire stays small. Less Competition usually means it’s much easier to get good placement. However, that’s a mistake as the Aliens are a tad bit smarter than that. First of all it’s impossible to meet several of the other game goals without plenty of players helping you get there. To assure everyone knows this your third goal is specifically to get others to join the Aliens’ Society as well. See they really don’t want to get the cold shoulder when they get here. We of course agree with this as we need a bunch of help to get this planet ready for their arrival which is the subject of various other goals. They all are mostly team goals, but you’ll find your advancement hampered if you don’t participate in at lease some of them since that’s what raises you in the Alien’s society. Which as you remember is goal number two.

  • Four: Getting others to be prepared for rutro

Here is where more players and helping hands come in extremely handy. Pun intended of course. Goal number four of the game is to get others prepared for the Aliens Arrival. This may seem easy but it’s not. It’s a big planet and again, mass panic isn’t the recommended outcome. That means as part of this goal we must do PR, run polls, gather information, talk to people and otherwise involve ourselves with people globally. Yes, this also incidentally involves either proving that aliens exist or at least making people be open to the possibility thereof, before rutro preferably. See how this goal will complicate number one considerably?

  • Five: Adapting to the Culture and Language

Goal number five will take some adjustment and a bit of study. We must adapt ourselves to the Aliens’ culture and Language. This may again seem unnecessary to some but remember, after Arrival it’s going to be impossible to participate in society in a meaningful way if this hasn’t been done.  Lastly, to adapt ourselves to a global culture and language will help with unity and transition which is part of another goal. While this goal is mostly an individual goal it’s also a global goal for without adaption we’ll be facing a much harder time post arrival. So players will also have to find ways to effectively propagate the culture and language across the planet.

  • Six: Stressing Global Unity:

This is goal number six because when dealing with aliens it’s only possible to do that as one planet. No matter how vital it is this is one of the harder goals considering how many people have an automatic knee jerk reaction to anyone saying it’s time to unite as one human race globally. To meet this goal and it’s definitely a team goal you must change people’s perception and unify diverse people; so we can effectively flourish in the future. Global unity will help with other goals.
* Resolving the crappy leadership situation in America (impeach 45)

  • Seven: Sorting the planet:

A goal with the strangest name indeed but also one of the major goals. Most of it however is pretty straight forward. The aliens upon Arrival just want to know where people stand. Like in who wishes to be a part of their society and who wants to stay on their own and independent. This is not only a question for individuals but also along territorial lines. Knowing which people wish to integrate is easy, most of them will be found in the Empire come rutro if we succeed in the other goals. However, towns, cities and states aren’t so easy – since there it’s a joint decision that must be made by the locals and not a far off governmental authority. Transition goals will help figure this out, but it’s still going to take a while since people must understand the true implications of both choices.  There is much more involved with sorting the planet, including some administrative stuff as well as some gathering of resources. Here is where you might find an actual goose chase come to think of it so just be forewarned; you might be sent to retrieve some interesting items!  Hey, just remember it’s aliens m’k.

  • Eight:  Gathering resources & allies

Almost hand in hand with goal number seven is to gather resources and allies. We must expand as an Empire. Without expansion, resources and support we’ll never meet many of the other goals. This means as a player you should always keep an eye out on opportunity, resources that aren’t being utilized by others and potential allies. Networking, crowd-sourcing, leverage and creativity will help in this goal and endeavor.

  • Nine: Valid claims and solid territorial expansion (by our laws)

This will help in all the goals around it. It will also help with getting recognition and for important people in the world to pay attention to us and what we have to say. Not only do we have to find places to claim and expand our territories in a solid manner we have to do it by our stated laws. The goals of this is to enable us to make meaningful changes on a planetary scale. Again, this goal may sound simple but it’s not as claiming by Hanian Law doesn’t just involve making claims or sticking a flag into the ground. Several of our founders have been very busy in meeting this goal, so we don’t need many people for it but it’s of utmost importance. Players can help in this and gain fame as well as prestige for it. Small team goal, as the amount of individuals involved with territorial expansion will likely be only a small group of players who are acting on the behalf of everyone so that we can meet the other goals together.

  • Ten: Transitioning a number of communities and nations.

Once we have a solid claim or presence in any area we must do certain things to help transition the area into acceptable standard of living according to the Aliens’ base laws. This includes getting rid of corruption, strengthening infrastructure, gaining support there as well as assuring people have freedom, justice and opportunity. As part of transitioning it’s also vital to help them prepare for rutro and spreading the culture and language there. This can includes raising awareness of Live and Let Live and getting laws changed to reflect it. It includes lifting people out of crushing poverty. This may include moving away from several aspects which are currently very prevalent in society and adopting several other aspects which aren’t commonly part of mainstream society. The Aliens have specific standards which must be met in order to succeed in this goal.

  • Eleven: Setting up an auxiliary administration:

In order to succeed with goal number seven to successfully sort the planet we’ll need to have our own administration in many regions across the world. If a city wishes to integrate with the aliens we’ll need our own authority and services there. We also must have things in place that will help to smooth things over once Arrival occurs. This will also show people that we’re responsible good stewards and it will help us after the Aliens get here. This administration is also necessary for global unity and transition. In many areas we’ll need additional infrastructure or other programs and services that aren’t being met by traditional leadership there. While this gives you as a player the ultimate chance to assume leadership positions it’s also very hard to do.

  • Twelve: Removing crappy leaders: (Such as #45)

A lot of the other goals are either harder to meet or even impossible to do so while you’ve got a horrible leader in office. Such people usually stand against the very outcome we seek in many of the other goals. That and the Aliens really don’t like bad leaders. So, by this measure individuals like #45 must be resisted and removed from office in all areas they are found. This can be done by protesting, raising awareness and coordination in voting them out or having them removed within the legal means of impeachment. Anything done in this goal by the player will help the rest of us meet the other goals. As such, it’s advised that all players fire up the resistance movement to current bad leaders and encourage human society as a whole to not tolerate such things.

All goals help with Goal number 2.

The good news is that you can work on almost any of these goals to succeed in rising in the Aliens’ Society. You can do anything to rise enough to be both spared any negative repercussions at rutro as well as be rewarded for your efforts. However, for some of them we need to make a certain impact before it actually becomes meaningful to all of us as a planet. Failure to meet predetermined amounts of success in many of these goals could have potentially disastrous effects on Human society in general. At best we won’t be ready for arrival which will make things more chaotic  around various places in the world. At worst, we face actual invasion by these Aliens as they take matters into their own hands to address these issues to their satisfaction. We’d of course still be somewhat rewarded for our efforts, but obviously the rest of the planet wouldn’t fare so well.

Given that almost all of the game goals are tied into things which are specifically asked of us by the aliens makes for an interesting situation.  You can actually save yourself a lot of hassle. If you can just find out the answer to the mystery. Succeeding in goal number one you can make a wise and informed decision. Proving them to be fake is the only way how you’ll be able to sail through the next few years in ease being content in your choice. You won’t have to give into any of the alien’s demands if there aren’t any aliens.  It’s the one thing you’ve got to be absolutely sure of it though! It may seem like the easier of the two paths, however it’s not. Remember anyone trying to meet any of these goals will obviously not help you disprove the existence of beings that are sending them on this wild ride to begin with. In fact they’ll work extra hard to prove the exact opposite or just go along their way doing what they must. Those who just want the world to be a better place will counter you as well, as all of the goals seriously help out humanity in a world where the system truly sucks. They won’t care if there are or aren’t aliens, they hate the system too much to care since it’s actually motivating people to finally get off their lazy bums.


Path one:   You must secure a positive outcome for earth in regards to this scenario. All the while you’re doing that you must also set yourself up to be in an acceptable position within the new society for yourself and your family.


Path two: You can also choose to prove to everyone without a shadow of a doubt that there aren’t any aliens involved here by the time the game ends some years from now. Well, unless of course the aliens show up before the game ends. Opps!

When does the game end?

This is not being revealed at this time. It will go on for at least for several years, intensifying as time goes on.

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