Global Divisions

Global Divisions:

Rather than all of the many divisions we have currently in the world we’ll side step a few of them as shown below. For instance, continent and country will no longer exist as a complete division. Yes, countries will retain some rights in the new world but it’s not an actual division used administratively in the Empire.


One World, One People under the Sun:

To explain these quickly and briefly. The whole world is considered one single entity. What is done is to benefit all of humanity, the global family if you will. The Imperial Palace will serve the affairs of the entire world and help humanity as a whole, with various ministries being active as well as department heads managing global projects and endeavors. Ministries include but isn’t limited to the following: Transition, First Contact & Exo Affairs, Territorial Expansion, Citizenship Affairs, PR, Embassies, Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs, Activism, Spirituality, Labor, Linguistics, Culture and Arts, Castes and Progression, Infrastructure and Justice. Most of those serving as part of the Imperial Government will be of high caste and position together with any who serve as their staff. Think all those royals with the fancy titles; most of them will be globally active.

The Continental Slice:

However, in this large area smaller divisions help.  A slice is a continental slice. It’s usually two or three of our current continental or large country divisions. We’re going to have four of these on Earth. These are Atlantica, Eurafrica, Pacifica and India / Middle East. The last one really needs a fetching name to match the others!  Several leaders will lead things there there, mostly Kingly types with Princes helping out. Due to them being clustered you can be assured each of them have a number of things that need to be addressed keeping the respective leaders and their staff quite busy.

The State:

The next division is a state. Almost all countries are made up of multiple states. These will provide a smaller regional division that can be used for more localized issues.  Look for Nobility being active there. There will also be Liaisons who tend to run affairs over multiple cities coordinating with the local leadership in each of them as is needed. Most of them will handle between 4 to 5 cities in a general area.

The City Cluster:

Then there is the City division. Here is where a good chunk of the power lies. Every city has it’s own rights and it’s own way of being ran. There are a number of things to address, so the city administration will make sure it gets done. Usually an Overlord will preside over the city’s affairs with a staff to help out. Overlords hold a considerable amount of power and have a lot of say in how things are done locally. However, all of them are bound by Empire base law which will affect their governance. This will be harder in some areas where changes are more difficult to affect; especially if local culture runs counter to live and let live. They also create local resources, encourage sharing, provide jobs, call to improve infrastructure, settle disputes, run the nezka core in that city, encourage culture and arts, deal with crime and issues which affect the local populations. In many cities they may have a program to sponsor a city further away that may lack infrastructure and opportunity. If you live in a city with an Overlord, they’ll determine citizenship requirements for provisional citizens. Overlords may differ in their policies but they rule by live and let live. ALL work together because we’re one world and one human family.

The Local Neighborhood:

Lastly there is the neighborhood. In each city there will be smaller subdivisions where people usually live in a subdivision or along a street or two. This is the neighborhood division. Some of the local nezka may provide neighborhood watch, city administrations may get locals to make share depots available and many other things are handled on a very local level. Various Lord and Lady types usually preside over neighborhoods. Some jobs, churches and even schools may set themselves up as “neighborhoods”, but their services will differ greatly from the residential neighborhoods. Within this smallest division is the Household / Family. We say household  because not all may be traditional families. Some people may create households of friends, those who share resources or people who work or study together. No matter how it’s set up it’s an extra small division found in the neighborhood level.

This is Global Locality: 

We call this global locality. It’s having a global focus while keeping much of the power in local hands. In many cases growth will occur on very local levels, but major change gets affected by multiple cities working together all across the world. Due to a large focus on local and city administrations it’s very possible to hold control and authority in multiple places, even if the rest of the world isn’t quite ready to get it done yet. These administrations are for the most part auxiliary administrations. They often will boost local leadership that’s found traditionally. Yet in cases of something first contact related, natural disaster or a war breaking out where government breaks down they’re able to step up collectively and help keep peace.

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