How to grow

Ideas to help us grow:

Here are the first initial ideas to help us grow.

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  • 2 by 2:

Get two people involved every week in any of the citizen categories. Have them do the same! Make it be random people so to give everyone the chance to get to join the Empire. Do this consistently and we’ll grow nicely. In fact, no matter what else you do, keep two by two in mind to boost any additional efforts you make.

  • Have a loved one join with you so you’re not alone:

This can be a family member, a best friend, a spouse, etc. In fact when talking to people encourage them to join up with a loved one. It makes it SO much better and the two can encourage one another and keep each other going. Bonus, if you’re going to try to learn the Hanian Language you two can practice and no one will understand what you’re saying :).

  • Advertisement and Posts:

We can put up flyers and stuff in various places as we travel and hand stuff out to people we meet. So can you. Between this and a modest advertising budget we should be able to cover a lot of ground. You can also post stuff to bulletin boards and in local neighborhoods. A good idea is to hit up small restaurants and businesses and see if they’ll let you leave flyers or put one up.

  • Local gathering:

A volunteer could even go door to door and invite people. If it works for the Jehovah’s witnesses and sales people it may do wonders for us. Of course this is only for the brave. I’m not expecting any of you to actually be crazy enough to try it. Yes, I do. I’d be crazy enough to do it and I’d make a check list to see which places I had already hit up. Perhaps we can make it a contest or an official sport. Heh.

  • College crew:

Got a few college buddies or a study group? Invite them in and make your own little group entering the Empire together. This will do wonders for you later on when we start talking of resource sharing and leveraging each other’s strengths for your own lives. In the meanwhile you can study advanced calculus and try your hand at iimortal math. Then debate how screwed earth would be at first contact for Philosophy.

  • Work Crew:

Find a few people at your job. Those you know. Pick two and bring them in under provisional citizenship and find one and see if they want full citizenship. You won’t feel like the lonely bee at work separated from your hive and you’ll always have cool stuff to gossip about at the water cooler. Of course all four of you getting off for an event will be a challenge but you can deal with that when the time comes.  Maybe through Hanian ingenuity one of you will be the boss by then and you can just close the shop up.

  • Tweet us and get others to do the same:

Work your social media magic for our behalf. Once you do so you can always ask people one by one and invite them over to our Empire. Remember, many people are already residents so the only thing you can do for them is get them active online and locally. It’s not hard and so much of it happens naturally and organically. I mean, the Twitter is a hive. People just randomly get involved all the time. So it won’t be hard for you to leverage this to our benefit. A bonus is that you’ll make a few more friends.

  • Make articles, post on message boards and otherwise interact with people as an Empire Citizen!

They’ll get curious and see what all the fuzz is about. You’ll get exposure for your awesome writing skills. Win – win for everyone.

  • Flag crawl in public.

If people ask inform them. Send them here and the twitter telling them they can haz empire too! If your drawing skills are horrible don’t worry. It’s just two lines and a circle, then coloring it all in. Hanian use just about everything for flag making, so don’t worry if you don’t have proper tools.

  • Creative artwork with URL shared

Glamour the heck out of it. Make it creative and public. Hide the URL in it, our slogan, the name of our Empire or even the flag. In graphics. By art work. Spell it out with rocks. The more creative the more it will catch people’s attention; just don’t do anything which would get you arrested.

How many other creative ways we can come up with sharing the awesomeness that’s the Hanian Empire?

Sound off on Twitter and tag us @ our twitter with things you’ve done.

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HayaH Empress

Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I'm a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.

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