King daHavor

HSH King daHavor

His Supreme Highness King daHavor is the current Ascending King of the Hanian Empire; holding the Caste of Supreme.

Born in the United States in January 1979 he has spent time in several states in his youth before settling in Atlanta, GA.

For most of the last year he has been active scouting out and solidifying our legitimacy over our American territories. Not only does he cover them by traveling through several states per day but he also serves the local residents and citizens who live in these territories. This naturally keeps him very busy.  You can follow him on Twitter at DJdaHavor yet his face-book and other social media are private. Due to his lack of free time he may not answer messages nor post much being on the road most of the time.

He believes in Integrity and is a strong supporter of Animal Rights. Interested in space, extra terrestrials and future technology many conversations will revolve around these topics.  King daHavor is very skilled in creating music, mostly techno and electronic. Politics is another strong topic as is the short comings of religion; the King is not shy to point out the failures of the current system to anyone who will hear him. Being Charismatic a meeting with the King of the Empire is a meeting you would not soon forget.

The King keeps a very private life with his family; me (his wife) and a pet cat. He has only a few friends; so if you are counted as his friend consider yourself blessed and lucky.  In his little spare time the King enjoys music, gaming, cruises, Italian food and a number of other hobbies.

A much better biography and other details will be added shortly after I confirm which aspects of his life he’d like to make known to others.

Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I’m a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.

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