Language of Light First Concepts

Language of Light – First concepts

Figured I’d toss it here, your first few dozen words in Hanian as grouped by related things. A few of these are basic words in the language of Light. First Concepts, so things like yes / no / thanks / hello / etc. Others are base concepts you’ll need to know here in order to see what we’re about and how we do things. Similar concepts are often grouped together to aid in learning. Each of these will go from easy to harder and more complicated as to not overwhelm.

Hanian – Brothers and Sisters; Citizens of Light
What our language is called, what we’re called, who we are. :).
[Ha ; ni ; an] – syllable breaking to aid in pronunciation of Hanian. This is called writing in Mimic; in many places if you see it written it will be in Mimic for ease of reading and understanding.

Together we create reality, that’s what tosh means when you get down to it!

First : If you learn nothing else, then learn this…..

tosh – greeting (together we create reality)
toshiid – goodbye [to ; shiid]

re – yes / she (like shed) -no
ash – perfection! (used as yes or absolutely)

tza – Ma’am / tzo – Sir (Used as respect titles)

muv – to speak
muvta – speech, informal word for language (you don’t have to say muv for speak here; it’s redundant.) [muv ; ta]

ke – and

o – I / to – You

tjb – piece (what you do here; your project / your passion / your thing; the j is pronounced like eye.)

ot tzova – excuse me (some privacy please!) [ot tzo ; va]

Halosh – thanks (acknowledging Source / Light / God for it too) [Ha ; losh]

Gratitude and respect for god is engrained in the Language of Light. Your first concepts include several words of gratitude and respect..

Gratitude for what one has and respect are a major part of the culture. This reflects in our language.

muw  – word (said like new with m, will be used with handy trick to help teach muv ; ta in places….)

Second : These are next. Many are basic necessities, others help you answer questions as well as understand basic concepts.

chatar – water [cha ; tar]

heke – food (as sustenance) [he ; ke]

hozk – coffee; the Hanian style of coffee is strong like fuel!

pev – not the time, not the place, not the solution

hidet – process of integrating a society, to “rebirth them” into advancing [hi ; det]

alrip – devotion (giving devotion and effort to something) [al ; rip]

zuzar – experience (what we’re here to do, to experience life and to create) [zu ; zar]

To experience and bring it to the light of the world, that’s zu ; zar.

nak – forgetting something recently learned, hearing it once – then promptly forgetting; not “taken” it’s nak!

orp – “with respect”, respectfully (manner of speaking)

gri – gladly, with pleasure (manner of speaking)

Third: Some of these being here may be confusing until you’ve been here a while. Just know they are very important things for Hanian while they may not be as prevalent in conventional society.

nez  – my second one (Honor title of respect) / nezka – someone who is new but who collaborates / helps with transition and adapts.

shephi– not clear (in being seen), it’s confusing [she ; phi]

ansh – what people believe, what the masses believe “citizen’s reality” (often these are false beliefs or twisted truth).

zjii – city (Short form) [zj ; ii]

konra – measure of activity and value created for the whole; you progress by your merit. [kon ; ra]

alp – sorry

embo – sugar me, go slower, give it to me softer. (specially if something isn’t understood or if you’re overwhelmed by something; a few are quite blunt, so use em ; bo to tell them to sugar it up a bit!) [em ; bo]

miakzi – doing what needs doing, getting busy and serious about something (rather than having fun you get busy to do the work) [mi ; ak ; zi]

If we want the better world and society we’ll have to work to create it. Sometimes this means buckling down, mi ; ak ; zi. Aren’t they worth it though?

zutvi – small differences (our biggest differences are tiny and small in reality. There is no excuse to hate one another)  [zut ; vi]

tudo – person [tu ; do]

One thing you’ll notice in Hanian culture there is little distinction between a human in one part of the world to a human in another part of the world. This is because we don’t see these glaring differences that the world tries to convince us we have to separate us.

These two are more different than any two people ever will be – how come they can love one another but we fight wars over stupid stuff?

These perceived differences are ingrained into society, it’s their ansh, not ours! If even cats and dogs can coexist we have absolutely no excuse.

Fourth: Now we’re getting a little more complicated. Just take a deep breath and plug through it. You’ll appreciate it later on. Don’t worry, with the next 40 we’ll get into more simple things again….

zkutjn – making the cut; progressing, getting to share in the rewards. (Hard to explain and translate, really, empire worthy and rising strongly? Doing your part with passion. Making Source proud with actions and loyalty. Here is your first hard to translate word, won’t be the last either!) [zku ; tjn]

potze – asking someone what has changed, what’s different? Kind of like saying “How have you been doing?” [pot ; ze]

keprut – do to others as you would want done to you (golden rule); also used as live and let live. Encompasses both though as a concept. prut -that means how you treat others [ke ; prut]

ziph – see about the order, check up that all is in order as it should be….

temz – we’re all one!
temzo – making the world a better place, working “for the world” / for all of us… [tem ; zo]

You never know where we might end up. We don’t worry about death for we believe in reincarnation. Any future we build we build for us too…

gliar – cat [gli ; ar] / meyar – dog [me ; yar] / gliyar – cats + dogs together [gli ; yar]

po – what
po io – what’s your name? [po i ; o] – po tao – what’s this? [po ta ; o]

tok – if you don’t mind, if it’s not too much hassle, sure you don’t mind? (manner of speaking)

enpur – easy to achieve, not have to do much or go far [en ; pur]

pel – tech, short term for technology.

Bases and Hanian:

Among the language of light first concepts everything is based on bases, which means tiny little fragments that make up words. Most of them mean something, which gives you an idea of the general meaning of the words that would use them. We don’t really have an alphabet, so this is as close as you’re going to get. Learning bases may seem like an extra step, however don’t let that fool you. They are in part what makes it such an easy language to learn.

As you learn more you’ll notice a distinct pattern and harmony to all things in the language.

Some good examples from above are the following:

  • Ha – Light, Source, Divine Creator
  • za – world, secular, physical
  • zi – order, system, arrangement

We can’t see Source fully nor comprehend the whole truth behind Light. Only the result and effect can be seen all around us, visible representations of Who Light is: love, warmth, peace, calm, abundance, radiance……

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