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Hello in Hanian is on here too! Can you find it? Want a challenge, just use process of Elimination 🙂

So let me guess you’ve come across one of my cool word posts on Twitter and you want to know more words.  If you’re just after a few more words then simply type in the hashtag #Conlang #Hanian and you’ll see more of them. Alternatively you can also follow me and put notifications on my twitter posts; I’ll be sharing many more words there over the next few months. However if you want to know more than the average fan then you’ll need to take it a step further.  Learning the language will help you do this better than reading a few tweets.

Often you’re going to come across a concept you don’t understand in one of my stories or in the game. I’m sure something has caught your attention too if you hung around a bit recently.   The foreign concepts can be tough, especially if you’re active in an area where there tend to be a lot of foreign concepts used. Learning Hanian will definitely help with that but it will take time and effort. If you need answers fast, feel free to ask about it. Some projects will eventually have a list of definitions posted clearly in a place where everyone can find it easily.

Hanian has a lot of foreign concepts and we do tend to use a bunch of them in day to day living. Some of the story and game stuff is notorious for that sorta thing. You won’t fully understand it unless you have a working knowledge of the language.  In fact, to gain access to spoilers in the chaha series you must have a good understanding of Hanian. Knowing a bit of it will also be very helpful in your game play, it will help you level up much better than without it. In all of these cases your initial curiosity may bring you to wish to actively learn the language. Don’t worry, that’s intentional because I like to give people plenty of reasons for exploring it.

You can’t buy a Hanian dictionary in the store. That’s a bummer, I know.

Perhaps you’re curious because want to know what someone’s extra awesome Hanian name means. Maybe even find a name of your own. In both cases you’ll have to learn at least a few basics to succeed. If you saw a word list or post I made on Hanian and the whole thing intrigued you enough to land on this page then you’re in luck. You can already learn this language; even if it’s still in the process of being developed. All you have to do is follow me on Twitter at OneSpirit77 and ask me if you can learn Hanian.

It’s all pretty informal so far, but if I see a bit of interest developing in this area I’ll get something going.

I’d advise you to get started early, as later on there may be a waiting list to learn…..

Not convinced yet?

Well, here a list of really cool reasons why you might want to learn at least a bit more Hanian 🙂

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