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Legal System: One Simple Law – Live and Let Live

Want to know the fairest and easiest legal system to ever exist? It’s simple and it’s universal. If you really think about it we can actually all agree on this, even though quite a few people will find it difficult to actually follow.

Live and Let Live

If we temper all of our actions against this metric we can’t go wrong. Basically do onto others as they wish to have done upon them. That means legality is never murky, it’s never obscured and it’s absolutely fair regardless of what people believe or how they live. This law, the Golden Rule, is in every religion in the world yet most people don’t follow it and legal systems don’t adhere to it.

So this is probably the most important change we must undertake, to fix the legal system across the planet to reflect this one law.

Think about it, Christian and Muslim?
Conservative and Liberal?

Can you not agree upon this one thing, since everyone gets to choose how they wish to live? How many people would really actually disagree with it? Very few.  It may seem simple but in most places the legal code doesn’t reflect this law and quite a few people break this law routinely. Almost all governments and religious institutions break this law, some more severely than others. If you can’t speak your mind, your leaders are breaking Live and Let Live. Should your country have religious compulsion then the religious leaders are in violation; just as they are if they make laws governing “moral” behavior which doesn’t violate this one law.

If we were to go over the planet with a fine toothed comb you’ll see millions of violation of this one simple law hiding everywhere and creeping it’s ugly head up everywhere ready to devour anyone in it’s path. Guess what? The Immortals don’t stand for that; it’s illegal in the wider galactic community so it’s going to be very illegal here too starting now. You’ve been warned, so take action.

Not following Live and Let Live is the number one reason for all wars and all suffering. We don’t respect others to make their own decisions. We don’t respect their innate Godhood. We don’t appreciate their individuality and the talents they bring to the table. Try to think of any problem and see if it’s not caused by someone violating this one law. Find more than a handful of problems on this planet that’s not caused by this one law being violated. The drug war. Immigration. Wage slavery. Exploitation. Crime. Poverty. War. Religious Extremism. Racism. Politics. Family problems. Most health issues. Animal Suffering. Child abuse. This list goes on and on.  From exploitation to wars, religious strife to domestic problems almost all of it can be traced back to someone not following Live and Let Live. Try it out.

Well the Empire has this as our base law. You won’t be able to circumvent it here because it’s set in stone. Everything we do is tempered against that measuring board. Does this action promote Live and Let Live or does it violate it? That’s the law any Overlord and city administration will follow. This is how we decide on things, by letting you decide. However, there is a thing though. You can only decide for yourself and those dependent upon you such as children. Unless there is agreement you can’t decide for others. This is why you must join the Empire and agree to follow our ways in order to be a part of it. We won’t force you, even children get to decide for themselves at age 12. In addition you choose your path in the Empire. You choose where you wish to live and how you wish to live. In fact you choose your religion and how you wish to connect to God.

There is no law nor right that lets you exercise control by law or force to make someone else believe as you do. It’s not ok, because the moment you say it’s all right to break free will you’ll forfeit the right to your own free will being respected. I repeat, if you violate free will you risk getting your free will violated. Trust me, the Immortals will show anyone clearly why that’s undesirable. They’d rather not which is why they stalled so long, but they certainly will if they must. If our collective act isn’t cleaned up soon; we may find ourselves on the opposite end of that law when they intervene on our behalf and get it done.  So, the more clean up that occurs in this matter the better things will be for us as a species. If we ignore it this, we do so at our own peril.

Yes making Live and Let Live a global law will not be without hiccups. It will likely cause a lot of grumbling as people are consistently reminded to mind their own business. It will shock them if they get fined or brought before a legal court for violations. It will ruffle a few feathers in some religious circles. A few men who can’t think of their wives making their own decisions will be threatened by this and several racists will moan about supremacy, words which will fall on deaf ears.

No matter how much people grumble of losing control over other humans, we can’t keep tolerating people violating this law. This is a rabbit hole that we must have the courage of wandering down and cleaning out thoroughly. You’ll be surprised how different a world is that lives by this one law in all matters! In fact you won’t recognize it anymore and you’ll be happy because you get to decide your own fate and destiny. A world that lives by this ultimate law is a free and stable world. It is one that is fair to all and respectful to all people.

That’s the main Law in the Empire and we’ll die to uphold it! Why, because you’re a part of God. You have the innate right to ultimate self expression and freedom, just as I do!

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HayaH Empress

Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I'm a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.

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