How to view your Micronation Country

Your Micronation Country: How to View it

It’s one thing to create a micronation, but it’s another to actually view it as creating a new country. Very few people actually do that since the process is very long and difficult. There are also aren’t any real manuals or how-to guides around in country building 101. In fact I may be one of the few who has actually discovered two hidden steps that must be fulfilled if you want to ever be seen as a real new country. I’ll share one of them with you in this article and the other in the next one. I’m doing this as I believe the future is in diverse smaller nations working as one. Here you’ll also see if you want to proceed this way or not and find your beginning steps in country building.

Don’t I just pen a declaration and put on a crown?

It’s not just as simple as tossing together a form of government and declaring yourself king of a random spot on this planet. Well unless you’re in it just for fun. Then you can go right ahead since anything goes at that point in time. But if you want to have anyone take you in the least bit serious then this won’t do. If you want to have something that even slightly resembles a country then it won’t work either. Building a new country is hard. It’s also the one thing that’s the hardest industry to enter, hands down! You’ll have more luck in becoming a tech billionaire if you can’t type on a computer than starting your own country successfully. More people have created religions than countries, I mean when was the last one built that didn’t involve war? In other words, those who already have countries surely don’t want another one around taking up valuable real estate. They’re going to do everything they can to stop you from succeeding. Including not telling you any of the rules of the game.

Creating your new Micronation Country takes a lot of time!

Finding a spot to claim is not the first step to building your Micronation Country.

So this one article won’t teach you how to build a nation since you can’t do that in under 300000 words. Certainly not in an article. That sort of thing would take a book. However everything I write will give you some pointers to let you make your own discovery on how to proceed. If you already have a Micronation country, don’t worry. You can always go back and add stuff. It’s good to be King! It’s even better to be Queen, you get to tell the King what to do when no one’s looking! So let’s proceed, you only got 70 years left and building a real country takes up 90 of them. We better hurry!

Why do you want a new country?

Why a Micronation?

Now see if you want to just have fun or if you want to be serious about it. This doesn’t mean you can’t use humor, we joke about lizard overlords all the time. It’s about how you approach your Micronation country building though. What kind of behind the scenes work do you put into it when no one’s looking. How dedicated are your core people? What about you? It won’t matter how many you have, just how serious they take it. Look at it this way, America didn’t have that many founding fathers but trust me they were extremely serious!

So is your country creation just for fun or to feel important?

Hey, nothing wrong with that but it may change your willingness to go through the whole process. It’s a beast, for sure! You’ll be too busy wanting to get to the meat to cook the noodles or shop for the pot first. If you want to build a micronation for entertainment or self gratification purpose there are plenty of online places to help you along your journey. Also lots of people with whom to engage in diplomacy, have micronation summits and do any number of things that the bigger boys do on a day to day basis. You can feel like a King or Queen with a lot less headaches.

Are you creating a new country to fill a void somewhere other than your ego?

Do you have an idea for something that hasn’t been expressed? Many art and design countries start that way. So do just about all real countries. Well other than those who have here forever. Here’s looking at you China, Great Britain, India and Germany! They probably fulfilled a need too, we just don’t know it cause it happened like thousands of years ago. Want to fulfill a goal or desire, maybe even protest something? These are good reasons as well, America started out of a protest. See an opportunity for change or a need that’s not being served. Australia was a penal colony in the beginning. That’s a good step in the right direction, to find a reason for existing and to make it unique. I mean think about it this way. If several hundred countries fill the same niche you do then what will make you stand out? Oh trust me, you’ll need to stick out more than a sore thumb to succeed! No one is gonna send convicts to fill your citizenship rosters. No you’ll have to convince people to hop to supporting you versus the nice big juicy and very rich country they’re currently in. Oh yeah. No one told you about that, did they? We’ll cover that step much later in this guide.

By now you should at least know if it’s for fun or for real.

It's complex, new nation building.

Is this what your wall or desktop looks like? If so you’re on the right track to building a real Country!

If you’re one of the former, rejoice. You can proceed any which way you wish creating your micronation country. Of course you’ll have a great time along the way. Even if you only have one citizen and virtually no public relations campaign you’re great to go. However, if you’re one of the latter get ready for a struggle unlike you’ve ever faced before in your life. When you see your Micronation as a new country a lot of doors open up to help you grow and succeed. You’ll learn to look outside the box, to break expectations and push in directions you never thought you could. Breaks you out of those micronation chains so to say. It also creates a lot of struggle too, most of them being tied up in the requirements you must fulfill. Unspoken requirements no less. Requirements you can’t possibly meet by doing things like everyone else does them. Won’t fulfill these things fake declaring war on other micronations.

So what makes your Micronation different?

If you want to join the big boys then you must do the same that they have done. You must have a clear purpose for existing. Your existence must be justified. Not just justified but demanded. After all, it’s not enough to be squatting on some land. Yeah they tell you you just need to squat on some land, but that’s cause they want you to fail. Wars are nasty business and you really don’t want one of those. Neither do they. Less do they want more countries out there. Don’t heed this rule you’ll never see any contest to your claims as attrition and stagnation will kill you off before the big boys even have to say a word to you. It’s even worse than a war, for you’ll fade into nothingness.  Liberland is successful because they fill a void, even in the micronation side of things. Sealand was a success because it was different. So if you want to succeed you must fulfill this first unspoken rule. Fill a need. Any need. Then take the extra step and be different. Have a reason for the big boys to eventually notice you. They will too, if you get to a point of vexing them enough.

To fulfill this step take two things which make you different from other countries around you. Now take two other things which make you not like other micronations around you. You’ll want to grow them later. For now you just must find them.

Knowing what other countries are doing and why is vital...

If you want your own Micronation, you must study other countries.

Study real countries:

Especially when asking this you must look at the big boys.  Look at every country that exists. Even the little ones. Why are they here? What need or expression do they fulfill? You’ll notice they may be similar, but they each serve a purpose.

This will also help you later on, by getting you in the habit of being world savvy. How did they start? Why? When? By whom? Those countries are the other players here trying to have control over the same plots of dirt as your new country, they live on the same planet as you. Which means you need to study them! You need to see where they’re coming from and where they’re going. After all, how will you know how to squeeze in sideways wiggling till you get some slack. You’ll also never see how you fit into all the mess if you never take a look at it.

Study Micronations:

Now do the same for some of the micronations around. How are the successful ones different from the rest? What things do they have in common and what is different between them. How does one form start up compared to the other? Big nations versus micronations. What steps are in both of them and then which ones do you only see being done by legitimate countries. Oh, see we’re getting somewhere here. I see some light bulbs! And I see another running out the back door heading for the hills.

Will you create the first new real country?

Country Building, it’s not the road less traveled. It’s the road not traveled.

Surprise, it looks different than you thought!

It’s a surprise that the whole process doesn’t start with creating a flag or even singing a national anthem. It starts with an idea, a concept. This will need to get fleshed out long before you hunt for your first territory. Claiming a territory is also not the only thing you need to do with it either. Oh yeah, another little trap right there. We’ll get to that much later though. There are a hundred and one things you must do first. Being on a micro-national committee, putting your nation in a wiki or minting coins aren’t any of them! So many people start off walking the same way, but I believe it’s a mistake to go that route.

You must start with what makes you need to exist. That idea coupled with an absolute commitment to go forward seeing your Micronation as a country and treating it the same way.  If you’re ready to proceed, there will be more articles in the near future posted here to help you on your journey.

Not ready to go that way or just want to have some fun? Type in Micronation into Google and have fun exploring and getting involved in this cool hobby.

What, no affiliate links? You’re not selling anything….

Nope. Not even a stamp or coin. We’re not that kind of country. As for coins and stamps, we don’t have any yet. We do SEO so you can find this page, not to sell you something. The reason is much more cooler than that. We did it so you can build your own nation or follow along our journey. Our secret plan is so later you can help us conquer the world.  Oh, by the way, Bir Tawil is ours. This doesn’t mean though that we can come to some sort of agreement to make all of us win!

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