The Nambia (Bir Tawil) Project

The Nambia Project

Originally the Nambia / Bir Tawil project was kept secret among our highest level of Government only spoken of in private meetings of the Imperial Palace. However the word has gotten out prematurely thanks to the unguarded mouth of the illegitimate leader of the United States. Had his actions not been deemed to work in our long term benefit we would have taken great offense at his disregard for our Sovereignty and Settlement efforts. Through his slip of the tongue during an African Meeting at the UN our right to our privacy and sovereignty was breached. At this time it is unknown if this was an intentional action meant to undermine our efforts in the region or an accident. The official investigation into this matter is ongoing. It is suspected he may have somehow become aware of us through some means only available to large and powerful countries. Yet instead of keeping his nose in his own affairs he decided to mettle into ours by prematurely announcing our existence and our activity in Africa. Bir Tawil is the only territory in Africa which is not at any prior time claimed or owned by any other recognized Nation. As such we’re the only ones at the time of the political faux pass that had any previously unclaimed territory in Africa which we were actively attempting to colonize and settle.  He could have not been speaking about anyone else but us. Now we’re left to deal with the result of his actions; trying to use the same to our eventual benefit in our quest of becoming an actual recognized country.

trump had Nambia on his mind….

Multiple uses to the project.

While the Bir Tawil / Nambia project is a kind of fun thing we do in the Empire it has multiple uses which will benefit us in the long run. For one, it’s going to really irk #45 and his supporters, that a slip of the tongue is actually becoming a thing being brought into reality. He acknowledged it; he made it recognized so now we’re running with it. After all, there is only one place in Africa that’s not officially part of any other country and this piece of paradise belongs to the Hanian Empire. As such, we’re jumping on the opportunity since we were already working with it to set up an actual structure and Government over the region. By doing this we gain legitimacy as a Nation. Nambia is our gateway into the world scene; it’s our chance to do meaningful and cool stuff. Besides accepting citizens we can also create a local government, plan for trips over there and so much more. Even if there is nothing there but desert as Hanian we can make even a bit of sand work into our favor as we leverage the world around us. Some aspects of Nambia help with the game too; players may engage in activities using Nambia.

Here are all the uses of the Nambia Project for the Hanian Empire:

– One is to help legitimize our Micronation through our claim in Africa (Bir Tawil).
– Two is to resist the corrupt and illigitimate administration of trump here in America.
– Three is for game purposes; Nambia is one of the projects / activities in the AW 2018 Game field for players.
– Four is to allow us to accept citizenry & set Laws & Currency for our Micronation through it’s Sovereignity.
– Five is to use our activities there in the future as a spring board for making positive change in Africa.


Nambia is a Hanian claimed Sovereign Territory in Africa that lays between Egypt and Sudan. Most people refer to it as Bir Tawil; but thanks to Trump the world now calls us Nambia. We call it kul ; lu ; al. The desert territory is currently undeveloped and inhabited only by transient populations.

Nambia, it’s desert and really undeveloped but it’s ours. You likely know it as Bir Tawil.

Natural Resources:

It is currently unknown what natural resources Nambia boasts but several proposed industries have already been identified by the Imperial Palace. The notes of the private meeting of the Imperial Government remains classified at this time since it contains trade secrets to aid in colonizing said Sovereign Territory better.

Current Citizens Having Contribuated:

Empress HayaH
King daHavor
Join here!


The Nambia project falls under two jurisdictions: Ministry of Activism and the Department of Territorial Expansion. Some activities involving Nambia fall under those who will lead and run the gaming aspects of the Empire.

Public knowledge:

Nambia is now quite well known in Social Media and beyond even before it’s time of us having made it public knowledge. We’re busy trying to legitimize our claim by furthering the discussion. This includes spreading awareness even further past the initial reach given by trump’s announcement. Nambia was recognized ahead of it’s time by accident at the United Nations. Without thinking trump slipped up stumbling over words because he had Nambia on his mind due to it’s famous covfefe. Thus as it was spoken it became a reality in the greater world. He revealed our secret to the world; thus giving us vital legitimacy that we lacked beforehand. The Hanian Empire is the only Nation in the world having an unknown African Sovereign Territory actively in our possession. At the time of the incident and the annoucement given this fact; everyone should know that he was certainly talking about us and no one else. Millions of people now know about Nambia but very few know any details about it. Many don’t even know it’s location. This is because we’re usually very quiet about our active claims and conquests until these are more completed.

Settling a territory and making it officially ours takes a lot of hard work, revealing our plans before completion can spark competition into being active in the area enough to be seen as Sovereign there…

Positive results of getting known:

More people knowing about Nambia and a new nations’ effort in the region to become established can turn our to be good for us in the long run. There is a hint of official legitimacy and recognition bestowed by us being mentioned as a previously unknown country in Africa at an Africa – specific Summit at the UN. With greater public relations and being now thrust into the public consciousness we can easier proceed on our projects in the region. The interest in this project have sky rocketed since the announcement; so if leveraged right it can make all the difference in the world since now the world actively wants to know more about Nambia and be intimately involved with her.

Negative results of getting known:

However, a negative backlash of the event has created mass confusion over such basic notions of where Nambia is located in Africa, who is in charge there and that the illegitimate government of the United States does not in fact rule nor have any recognized treaty with Nambia. Many people mistakenly think that because trump announced it’s existence to the world that he is an ambassador of ours; yet he is not. In fact, his actions were taken with offense by many Hanian for unless we leverage them with the utmost care they can completely undermine our authority in the local region. As Hanian we thus implore you to help us make Nambia known for what it is; to assure that his meddling doesn’t threaten the very existence of the newest nation in the world; the only ones in official contact with intelligent life from outer space.

Where does this leave you?

You can help us spread the word! You can help us finish the original goals of our project to make Nambia a full fledged state in the eyes of the world; thus allowing the Hanian Empire the right to perpetual existence as a recognized state. Several people have already voiced both an interest and are in the process of getting officially involved; won’t you join us!

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