On Term

On Term: It’s daHavor’s life

What is a term?

First of all I should probably give a bit of an idea of what this term thing we keep talking about is all about. Especially since the it’s not a thing most people will be familiar with in contemporary society. In the Hanian culture a term is basically a multi – week assignment elsewhere for work or duty. Most will be characterized by sacrifice, hard work and / or being far from family and home. Usually all three at once. Terms usually occur for specific reasons and they aren’t easy to do. They vary in time depending on the project or task, but usually last two weeks or longer. In fact, two week terms are rare. Our last term which was my first one was ten weeks. daHavor has done a few that were three to five weeks; this is his first two week one he’s been on since earlier in the year. For many of us to go on term means that we’re missing out on plenty of creature comforts, so in a way they’re equivalent to temporary caste bump downward. It takes acclimatization to deal with it and it’s often quite stressful. Did I mention stressful?

…A LOT of work:

I was lucky in that I was more free to work on Empire business while on term since I didn’t have many actual responsibilities.  This as you’ll learn is highly unusual. Even though I helped a little, daHavor had a lot of responsibilities for the career which allowed us the opportunity to get out there like that. See that’s another thing about terms. You’re usually doing something that’s required by whoever hired you to do what you do. This is often a 11 – 14 hour requirement where you must squeeze in whatever leverage you can find to do whatever you wish to accomplish for the Empire. We don’t have the funds to furnish all the things we need to solely work for the Empire while on term so most who will go on them will serve our purposes as secondary concerns to whatever work load is demanded as a primary. Let this sink in for a moment. While out there daHavor had to do all of it, more than a full time job’s worth and do all the scouting, covering, legitimizing and resource acquisition. My ability to help was limited to paperwork, some communications and chores for I lacked the skill or credentials to do much of any of it. Not all of the chores and conditions to deal with are pleasant. There is a lot that goes into it and even as Empress I wasn’t immune to it. I’ve got a few stories, many of which I will share in the future.

A difficult tjb…..

While I went on term once so far for ten weeks it’s constant the daily reality for daHavor. Being on term is his life. Whereas I’m able to be at home now for a few weeks he’s out again even as this is being typed tackling Mississippi, Oklahoma and Kansas. That’s because he’s serving as a Royal nezra scout. That’s a very difficult tjb. A tjb is what that what you do in the Empire, it’s your piece of the whole. What he does may be one of the harder ones in the Empire. First of all it means by default always being on the road. Second of all, he had to acquire a suitable position to make it all happen on his own. No one is there to give it to you, positions to help you go and be on term to do your Empire business don’t just drop in your lap. Many are very specific. We often must find our opportunities in the larger world to further the Empire, this is true of all Hanian. But it’s even more true for those who hold a difficult tjb. For daHavor this meant study and a lot of work to learn the basics required to do his job. The competition was intense, the requirements tough and the training intense and difficult. It also meant he had to trade something in order to get the training. So it involved having to contract his services to a company, we stood the risk of him literally getting nearly “enslaved” by them in exchange for his multi – thousand dollar training. There are horror stories about that sort of thing, we were lucky in that he got on with a good company. However, it’s still a contract and he’s still bound by it and by their rules and conditions. They still practically own you in a way and it’s not anything like having a normal boss. For what it’s worth you practically take a caste bump when doing something like being in the nezra. Everything took the back burner; everything. That which he’s required to do rules his entire life from morning to night and just about every minute of the day. That’s just the requirements of the job he does for the company. Being in the nezra means he’s required to do infrastructure work as well as serve our population. Due to being a scout he must be out and able to cover and legitimize our territorial holdings. He’s also required to acquire resources and gain specific knowledge of our territorial holdings while patrolling the same. Even though some of this occurs automatically by him working in that position it’s still all pretty involved and there is a lot of sacrifice that goes into it.

Being nezra:

Due to being Hanian and governed by our ways and culture we do things a specific way. For instance the nezra is our equivalent of the military. But we’re Hanian so we don’t have a traditional military. That sort of thing isn’t accepted nor necessary. Instead those who serve in the nezra will often do vital infrastructure work, serve our residents, claim, scout, cover, patrol, acquire resources and otherwise further official Empire business. He’s representing our authority by being in proximity of both our residents and our territorial holdings. That’s what nezra means by the way, to hold authority nearby. This usually means holding that authority and influence over a large distance and always being just about everywhere. As nezra he’s authorized to legitimize our holdings but he still has requirements that in order to do so he has to spend a certain amount of nights in each place as well as cover our holdings consistently.  Not an easy task; in fact it’s one that can only be fulfilled by a single job / career field, one that he had to get in order to fulfill our requirements.  Otherwise the cost to do this would be so prohibitive that we would never be able to afford it. Think of the gasoline alone to cover all of those states! However due to him working hard at his tjb we’ve legitimized several cities and are in the process of getting many more in the near future. Anything I’ve been able to do while on term (such as taken photos) has only been possible because he makes the daily sacrifice to get it done for us! The resources we’ve gained have only been in our possession because of him being out there day in and day out making it happen. Our flag has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people and almost a million people were served by us only because he’s doing what he does. This can’t be overstated.

Reality of full citizenship and of being Hanian….

Some of this is what the reality is of being Hanian and a full citizen of the Empire. It may not always be as crazy as this, but it’s always pretty intense. Being Hanian takes work, dedication and sacrifice. We’re not just twiddling our thumbs here and talking politics. In that way we’re very much unlike other micronations. When I see people making proclamations or fighting “fake wars” it makes me shudder. We’re out here busting our skin to create a real model country, conquest and all. There is no pretend anything. We don’t just talk the talk but put on the gloves and get our hands dirty.  It’s often hard work and great sacrifice. Many hours of hard work. daHavor has high position and Caste; he’s the Ascending King General. That’s very high; for inquiring minds. There is nothing that says that at that position he would need to go through anything even remotely like this. But we’re new and trying to expand. He saw an opportunity to get it done and improve our situation so he took it despite the cost. That’s what being Hanian is about! You leverage your environment and then you use it to get things done. You don’t look at the glory of it or your position. Leadership occurs by example for there are no arm chair generals in the Hanian Empire.

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