Our Newest Claim

Bliatera – Our Newest Claim

Sometimes chance and circumstance just throws something cool your way. As Hanian we’re never keen on saying no to a good blessing. This is the case of a really awesome territory we managed to snag; it will henceforth be known as bli ; a ; te ; ra. Its unique in our holdings for many reasons, but one in particular. Mainly because we managed to solidify the territory before we actually realized that’s what we were effectively doing by creating the means to leverage getting access to more places.

First of all the basics:

This one is a tad bit bigger than expected….ok, a whole lot bigger than expected….

Together the area occupies a combined area of over 3 million square miles (8 Million + km2).

It’s over 1.5% of the total surface area of Earth.
Officially 2.95 million square miles (7.6 million km2) is land.

Over 160K square miles (416K km2) is water area.

As you can see, this isn’t some small backyard thing here. It’s real, legit and useful territory. Now it’s kinda ours.

There is lots of Coast Line.
Some major mountain ranges.
Several different climate zones.
Great economic potential.
And yes, people can and do live there!

With a claim this large and populous we’ll have to set several territories to effectively manage it and do a bunch of other stuff before we hit the gates running.

How we legitimized it….

Grabbing an opportunity and running with it. Or rather driving with it as it is in this case. To secure a way of getting better resources for us (ie. better work) and access to seeing more places one of our Royals, @dahav (daHavor), became a truck driver. This allows him to travel, a lot. In fact it’s a guaranteed continuous opportunity to travel through a very large and quite abundant territory on a weekly basis. Rather than the regional placements most companies give to new drivers he got something a lot better.  Half of the country! It’s his boss’s job to assure he’s all over the place. While I was hoping it would get him to find a neat place or two to scout out I never realized that by his very being *all* over the place, we solidify a much bigger piece of the proverbial pie. In fact, he’s been through more states in a few days than many citizens will travel in a year.

That number is 13 by the way if you’re curious….

When we say our newest territory..

It means we’re in addition to what’s already there. In many areas there are various other groups and people who hold authority and jurisdiction over a place. Like how a town will have it’s own mayor but also be under the jurisdiction of regional and national leadership too. Similar thing.

What does it mean to you if you happen to live here?

Not much right now. We just landed this opportunity. It just means that we’ll become much more active here in the near future. Residency is of course automatic, however you can get your provisional citizenship even now.  Just follow us on Twitter (@ HanianEmpire) and let us know you’re interested. Eventually there may be a local Hanian group in your town or city providing activities and services. Even if we can’t stop, we’ll likely pass through your town at some point in time too! There were a few tiny ones we even stopped in and hung out a while….

I want to contest your territory!

We haven’t said yet where it is… jump gun much here?

However, even if you should want to contest our claim the process is complicated. We generally do not contest our territories with anyone. Especially not in this case since people live there. By nature of the habitation this means multiple people hold authority here, each to their own ability. It includes you if you happen to live here too! That means chances are if you have a micronation you already hold automatic jurisdiction over your parcel of paradise. Nothing else is needed; you may just see our folks waving at you from time to time and hear about the crazy stuff we do. Everyone else and everywhere else, such as cities and towns there are no worries either. We’ll let the residents and citizens decide how to proceed from here and how much to get involved.

If you’re still adamant about contesting, please keep in mind we’re very particular about how we do things. We also have strict standards of occupancy. You’ll be required to meet and maintain them for some time. This is to make your position legitimate enough in our eyes for us to even bother with your request. We’re going through all this crazy stuff to be official, so it’s only fair you do the same before showing your face demanding things. This is required for you to even speak to us about holding authority / jurisdiction over a place that’s not your own home, acreage, micronation claim, some parcel of public land that you visit constantly, etc. In our eyes proxy claims are merely intents of occupancy, they are meaningless without actual activity.

Our Newest territory = Shared responsibility / Shared authority

We will let the traditional structure that’s already here to handle most things for now. However we’ll appoint some of our leadership and if needed we’ll reshuffle some of theirs if they cause too much grief to our citizens and local populations. In addition we’ll provide some of our own services and boost local things in these regions. There is no reason to provide the same services twice, as Hanian we abhor waste. Transition is our time to see what works, what doesn’t and then to figure out what needs to be done about the stuff that won’t work for us.

3 million sqm daHavor  Coverage
Our newest territory

The Empire’s jewel.

bli ; a ; te ; ra

It started with a Royal becoming a scout!
No, this isn’t a new book.
Rather it’s how through sacrifice and dedication
we managed to get an unparalleled
opportunity. Read about his journey.
Explaining the Hanian concept
of coverage. Our vehicle to solidifying
our legitimacy of Authority
and our right to exist as a nation

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