Power of the Crowd

Power of the Crowd

If you hang around here for any period of time you’ll see that everything we do is done by our very unique way.

Here are just a few strange things we’ve done:

  • Waiting to officially open our doors
  • Trial run of various things, some which we will use and some which we won’t
  • Driving around the USA to legitimize a claim
  • Seizing opportunity and using leverage constantly
  • Think of language and culture before our flag (yeah, was a year till we had one)
  • Use conventional metrics to measure effect
  • Being ideas driven
  • Not only active in Micronation building
  • Different governmental set up
  • Global Micronation
  • A Game / Experience will be intertwined with the Empire

Last but not least, we’ve tried to see how we could leverage the power of the crowd. It’s something we’ve been able to do because of our set-up, our focus, allies and how we do things. For instance we’re not only active in Micronation building. Instead we’ve been able to get involved with other communities and other groups of people. They’re related to what we do in our nation, but it’s not the usual niche for a Micronation. It’s allowed us to start tinkering with things we’d otherwise never would have even thought of doing. This gave us valuable experience and lets us interact with different people every single day; online and offline.

How successful was it to get out of the narrow field of what a Micronation should do?

It’s actually too early to tell. But if our physical coverage and twitter presence speaks for anything, we’re not too shabby for having only two active citizens so far. We’ve have a valid industry and we actively serve our population. We claimed, scouted and maintain our claims. We are seen and often publicly voice our opinions. Our informal flag has crawled across 15 states and thousands of miles. We’ve visited over a hundred places, some small others large. We have a culture, inside jokes and our language is almost functional. People have actually heard of us even retweeted us, and interacted with us. Not too shabby for a nation that’s not even really set up yet. We did all of that and do all of that because there is a time of announcement and setting intent. You don’t just slap together a declaration of independence and put a crown on your head. That doesn’t make you a nation. Think of the founding fathers in the United States. Even with modern technology, it still takes a time to create a nation. Even when we open up, it will go slow for a while. We’ll take it slow. Because we’re new and young. We will however always use the power of the crowd in everything we do.

Just as we have been until now!

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HayaH Empress

Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I'm a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.

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