Short overview of the scouting and expansion process….

It’s basically an eight step process. During this process we usually acquire both a lot of information as well as many pictures. We find hidden spots, discover the local environment and wildlife in the area, mingle with the people and otherwise get ourselves all over it.


Researching and Claiming an area. It’s our notice of intent to conquer / make legitimate as a sovereign territory of the Hanian Empire.


Planning occurs next, this is us figuring out how we can scout, cover and occupy the territory over a period of time. Often planning may also include infrastructure planning, industry ideas and other things needed to make it more official.


A trip to the location occurs, to give us a basic overview of the area we intend on making our sovereign territory. The initial scouting sometimes only includes a short stop, while in other cases it can immediately lead into staying longer term and exploring the local area better. Scouting also includes looking at maps and learning some information about the territory in question.


Covering means to pass through it several times, to gain a foothold there. It’s basically keeping an eye on it, usually while moving and with short stops. In some territories we can walk it or drive past it a bunch, while in others it takes a little more. Often we also stop  by for short visits.


Staying overnight. That’s what kard means and in order for us to legitimize our claims we’ve got to do it a few times. The dates are recorded and often additional scouting and research occurs while this is going on. In many cases the flag crawls during that time too, we take the flag from place to place.


Through all of these methods we accomplish occupancy. It’s not only about sticking a flag on the territory and posing for a picture, it’s about being actively involved with our territories. People will see us and we’ll interact with them too. Sometimes we’ll live in the territory or will be so much around it we might as well live there. Being involved with local issues also occurs here; we’ve been quite active for instance with the political situation in bli ; a ; te ; ra.


Serving our populations comes next. In some smaller territories this is really hard to do this directly, but it’s at least important to have a solid plan for this before we proceed. As such serving usually occur by proxy on a city level, rather than by directly offering it to people. For ra ; chorm King daHavor delivered Pizzas. In bli ; a ; te ; ra now he’s delivering groceries by big rig.


We then, after all of that is completed and has been done for a while claim our Authority over the place. It’s done both by Flags and Claim Tokens; as well as announcing it and making sure it has a Hanian name. Now we can start planning appointing of an administration and providing better services to people there.


Appointing leaders and an administration occurs next. Usually it’s an Overlord plus a small staff. They can set up local services better than we can and the territory goes out of expansion and into management.

We do not accept the claims of others unless they have gone through the same procedure for the territory as is described in this document.

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