ra ; chorm

Meaning: authority, awareness, source, rock / ground, humility, red

Location: East of Atlanta GA, between Conyers and Covington.

Size: 1.7 Square Miles (Approximate)

Claimed: May, 2016

About ra ; chorm:

From the distinctive orange – red dirt found in the claim area to the multiple uses which allow us to utilize the area with no harm to the wild-life or local governmental structure ra ; chorm is perfection!

As far as ra ; chorm is concerned we have gotten extremely lucky. The area is kind of separated from the rest of the city and there is plenty of potential for expansion in the future. For one, there are both apartments and houses within the claimed area that we can easily inhabit – either by leasing or buying them outright. Then there is an RV park where anyone can stay as long as they wish; giving citizens another way of gaining legal access to inhabit the area. A few businesses are available as well and some limited growth is possible locally. Lastly, due to a lot of the claimed area being public land, we can easily hold all sizes of events there both now and in the future.

Even outside bordering the actual claimed area the land is still wooded and non – developed. This will allow us to purchase tracts or lots there in the future and expand by that means. So many options for our first spot in the world.

A pathway, there are many of these throughout ra ; chorm….

How can we claim it?

Hanian understanding differs significantly between traditional ownership and that what we consider actual occupancy and permission to inhabit or utilize. Due to cultural differences we look at things vastly differently. As long as we are legally permitted to be on the land and lease permission to occupy and inhabit it, then it is the same as being owned by us. We do not give weight to money and paper titles for in the grand scheme of things they are worthless as far as most public and wilderness spaces are concerned. Why should a paper tell us what’s part of our Empire when it is being there that should matter. This does not mean that we squat or abuse areas where we go, in most cases the areas we claim as natural areas remain so even after we get there. In addition we seek areas where a small piece of developed land can be claimed along side with it. Then we get active there, leasing or renting space, visiting the wilderness or natural areas around and if possible buy steady homes there.

This is the case with ra ; chorm.

Make up of ra ; chorm:

A good chunk of ra ; chorm is wild and natural that is considered public land where small events can easily be arranged whenever we feel like it. In addition a piece of developed land around the wilderness area was claimed as well; mainly in the area where we live. Future expansion will make it ours even more.

Large pathway in ra ; chorm

Public land:

It’s wild and wooded with tons of potential!

Most of ra ; chorm is made up of wooded trails and grassy meadows; a small river running through it. This was public land so we primarily use it for similar purposes; walking / hiking as well as nature observation. Several of the meadows have plants which can be foraged and there is quartz on site in various places.

Open space found in ra ; chorm.

A foragers’ dream:

The whole area, acres and acres of it is a foragers dream. Though we’ve been there over dozens’ of times we’re still finding new things that are a blessing in the territory. To say it’s abundant is an understatement. It’s taken us hundred’s of hours just to take note of what’s growing and living in ra ; chorm. Even now, almost a year later we still get surprised when we go there. I found fields of chives the other day (March, 2017) when I took a leisurely trip that way to meditate.

  • Wood Sorrel
  • Clover
  • Chives, oh the fields of chives!
  • Dandelion
  • Pine
  • Mushrooms
  • Blackberries
  • Too many to list!

However sustainable use and protection of land and wildlife is of upmost importance to Hanian; so in regards to proposed industry it will be minimally pursued. Even besides industry and foraging to supplement one’s dinner , these wooded hilly natural areas can allow us to create small events in the near future with ease.  We’ve held various small ceremonies in these meadows with no one disturbing us.

HayaH I holding the symbolic crown after the ceremony. Oct. 4th, 2016. Photo taken by daHavor.

  • Official Claim Ceremony
  • daHavor’s Citizenship Ceremony
  • HayaH’s Coronation
  • daHavor’s Nezra + Scout appointment
  • Initial Flag Making
  • What’s next? We never know, join the HanianNet Twitter to find out!

ra ; chorm though public is private enough that it’s even possible to wear crowns, hold ceremonies and appointments. Suitable for even horses it’s unlike most potential spaces.

Imperial Retreat:

So, Trump may have Mar-a-Largo but I’ll always have ra ; chorm. If you ask me I prefer this piece of paradise any day. It’s so quiet there! Most of the time it’s my personal spot to go relax and get away from it all. My own personal wilderness refuge in a way. There are so many places away from the beaten path, to explore, to sit and meditate or to just enjoy. I’ve encountered many animals, from rabbits to birds. Even been within a few feet of deer. While the tiny river doesn’t host a lot of fish it’s peaceful and tranquil. I dubbed the little river ez ; ti ; al in the honor of the two little fish I saw there. It really is like in the old days that an Empress could just slip away to someplace private and quiet and collect her thoughts in peace. 

Large Event Venue:

An event venue takes up several acres where both locals and visitors will come to us for a number of events. In addition we could easily lease space for medium to large events down the road. An onsite RV park gives option for remaining on the area with an RV for a small cost. There is also a hotel and a golf course, both places where people can stay for vacation or events.

This event venue hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, things which bring activity and fun right to us. So if we should grow and need to have a huge event that needs to cater to thousands of citizens we could easily do so right in ra ; chorm. It matters not if the event is sports or recreational, concert or summit. All can be planned and held right there, allowing our citizenry the rights to enjoy the beauty of ra ; chorm while right there.

Another part of ra ; chorm, near the rings.

While we do not “own” the event venue, most of the places thereof are open to the public most days of the year. In addition official space can be rented from them for any type of event the Empire may wish to hold in the future. If we have the $$ then we can host anything we like there.

Types of events:

  • Golf Tournaments
  • Horse Events, Horse Shows
  • Agricultural Shows
  • Paint Ball / Game / Capture the Flag Events
  • Social Events
  • Summits
  • Retreats
  • Bike, Mountain Bike events
  • Wilderness events
  • Concerts
  • Weddings, Anniversaries, Empire Founding Days
  • More than we can list, the options are endless

Several houses and land plots near the wilderness area are offered for sale at various times of the year, allowing citizenry and the Imperial Government both a chance for purchase thus allowing for expansion that way as well. Several places are available for rent as well, both apartments and houses.


Surrounding businesses could eventually allow citizens to apply for jobs in the local area. Some are even in the claim area! Working at home or in specialized fields can allow you to live in the area and still make money. Of course, with Atlanta just minutes away it’s easy to commute.

Since ra ; chorm is a little off the beaten path and in a specialized area it serves perfectly for our needs here.

Our cool loop-hole:

Because the area in ra ; chorm is so nicely set up through a loophole practically we’re able to properly colonize it and work it with ease. We don’t charge taxes and we don’t view ownership the same way as others. For us the eusocial swarming of a local area works very well. We show that we put effort into it, that we’re serious and dedicated. It’s not just something like : “Oh yeah, we claim this rock.”

The Ceremonial clearing.

No. We’re in it. We’re dedicated and active. We’re in the area and working it. What’s even more ironic, I realized the other day while gathering a few growths of wild chives to toss into my Spaghetti dinner is that the USA is indeed paying us tributary taxes. They not only pay to maintain this beautiful tract of land, but they also handle all of the heavy lifting. Fathom the irony of that!

Please be aware:

You can’t immigrate to ra ; chorm. It’s specific use, so you can’t put a permanent structure there. If you are a citizen in good standing we can talk visitation though & permission to pass through. For participating in local events held there, you must confer with the sponsors thereof and not with us. Thank you.

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HayaH Empress

Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I'm a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.

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