Resistance and Micronations:

I just realized that at heart the very act of being dedicated to create a new nation from scratch means that those of us engaged in it absolutely do not agree with the current policies in the sitting government. We want out so badly we’re attempting to declare independence.

A Micronation, therefore, by it’s very act of existing is a form of resistance to whatever administration that sparked it. It’s someone screaming you suck from the roof tops till their voice goes raw. Think of it; a desire so strong and passionate that one devotes hours of time and effort to craft something even slightly more palatable.

So yes, Micronation building is certainly the endeavor of those who resist. It’s a sign that there is something broken within the system, there is some disagreement with the current administration.

And don’t forget, America itself at one point in time was a bunch of people dissatisfied with their administration. Look what we became just because those people said ef it, lets’ do something about it!

Yes, America was at one point in time a Micronation. Nothing more than a few colonists who got sick and tired of their government.

We tweeted: “Remember at one point was nothing more than the dream of some colonists who got tired of their current administration.

Pretty striking, huh?

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