Scout reports

Scout Reports:

Time to keep better track of the scout reports; to test our system so to say. Both daHavor and even myself when we’re out and about have been really busy both scouting out and colonizing new spots for the Empire in America (bliatera). So utilizing overnight stays, receipts and twitter postings I’m hoping will solidify our hold enough to qualify as effectively conquering and colonizing this vast territory. During our travels we also tend to serve the local citizenry, gather resources, plan ahead and cover the area effectively by consistently moving all over it.

Most of this is done by King daHavor; while I help he’s the main one out three. I take pictures and do small things to make life easier on the road. These first scout reports are samples, the procedure is not yet perfect but it’s starting to take shape nicely.

The newest ones are listed first….

daHavor: November 12th, 2017

daHavor : November 10, 2017

Pearl River, Louisiana. It’s not our first time there either.

daHavor & HayaH : November 4th, 2017

It was daHavor’s idea to stop in White House, TN and we just ran with it 🙂

Want to help?

Simply go to the tweets and both like and retweet them. The more people that interact and make our scout reports known the more we’ll gain exposure of getting around and out there. Besides daHavor needs some good ol’ appreciation for all the hard work he’s been putting into this project for the Empire.

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