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Very important for any society and micronation is to serve the population. We’ve found a unique and creative way to do just that on a pretty large scale. What’s the coolest about it is that if you live in one of our territories it’s a chance we’ve served you in some way even without you being aware of it.  Our nezra are tasked with not only scouting and covering our lands but also with helping serve our citizenry. They serve regardless if the citizens are aware of our existence or not as it’s not about glory or recognition but about doing the job and getting it done. We are mainly active in delivery of grocery items at the moment. This brings us to many states and cities on a regular basis to help local grocery stores and restaurants restock their supplies. Most of it is being done by daHavor, as he’s the one with the credentials. However, it doesn’t matter the Caste. Even me, the Empress, will go on term to help out to make this happen as it’s a culturally appropriate thing to provide for people.

The coolest thing has been to bring Marshmallows to East Atlanta; they’re likely nestled in local shelves exactly where ra ; chorm is located right as this is being typed. It was the last run of my 10 week term and it was the most ironic one out of all of them. Major grocery chain, ya know they type just about everyone and their mother shops. A whole load of marshmallows, like almost 20000 lbs of it. People in ra ; chorm and in surrounding areas will be happy for many weeks to come! This includes many of our friends, neighbors and even family members who don’t know about the Empire nor what exactly we do here. They’ll be buying and eating these marshmallows we brought this Sunday Morning to that distribution center in Monroe, Georgia not even 20 miles from ra ; chorm!

But beside that cool and awesome load there were many others just as important. Kosher cake to Hershey Pennsylvania. Chicken all over the place. Yeah. We’ve been out there all over the place, delivering stuff into so many cities it’s easy to lose track. Again, if you’re in any of these mentioned places you’re likely to have benefited from something the Hanian Empire has done. Especially since many of the loads are enough to serve between 10000 – 40000 people per load.  Citizens and members of our website will see a much better list to show samples of what was delivered where and when down the road. We’ve got pretty good records for most of it.

Just how many people are being served?

Many of the loads are usually between 20000 – 40000 lbs. Most on the higher end of the scale. This means it’s easy to serve 20000 people with each of them on average. Take this together at taking an average of 4 loads per week (at least). A good estimation of how many people were served just during a month of my term are 240,000 per month average; so we easily impacted half a million people in various states during the time I was out! I don’t know any other Micronation who can claim to have done anything on that scale.


There aren’t a lot of off brand kind of things being toted here. No, these loads are some of the biggest brands in the USA….

  • Hershey’s
  • Tyson
  • Ventura
  • Koch


…yummy stuff, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Candy & Chocolate
  • Nutella Products
  • Chicken
  • Ice Cream
  • Hot Sauce
  • Marshmallows
  • Chinese Food
  • Cakes (Kosher ones at that)

Stores & Distributors:

All of it being delivered to some of the biggest retailers in the USA…..

  • Walmart
  • Kroger
  • Restaurant Depot
  • Sysco


  • Probably a good portion of the local population of any geographic area we serve have been impacted in some way. How about you? If you live in any of the following states then you may have been impacted by the work of daHavor. AL, AR, GA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MI, MO, MS, NC, OH, OK, PA, TN, TX

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