The Experiment

I wanted to try something unique, so I set out to begin a unique crowd-source experiment.

It was something I wanted to do from my twitter account for a while. The reasons for doing it are many. For one I want people to see that they hold power as individuals, a lot more power than they could possibly realize. By many of us doing a few tiny things, we can make incredible things happen. I want to know how long it takes to get a message that’s simple from here to there, how simple or how hard it is to get many of us to agree to do something that’s good for all of humanity. Lastly I want people to see the full impact of us all working together. In addition, your participation in this experiment helps me show proof to those who might later doubt when I show how we can use small actions together to change the world.

A demonstration of this is the experiment.

In it I will ask a few people to join the Empire to change the world. They then simply try to find at least two others to follow me on both the micronation twitter account and my onespirit77 one and doing the same. This is followed by those doing the same in a chain. Each time hopefully a few will join the Empire too, but even if they don’t we can still see the whole result by people showing up.  Each person simply repeats these small actions; simply clicking a few buttons and then asking some others to do the same. I’d do my best to follow everyone back as a thank you.

Why should you consider asking more than two people? In case there are some people that don’t do it or some of them unfollow or leave shortly after following. I’ve estimated that two in each cycle would certainly do this if you ask about four people, regardless of what else came up. Especially if we ask nicely and explain things a bit to people along the way.

Here is the interesting thing, how long do you think would it take to really have a solid impact as long as almost everyone participated? You’d be surprised. Yes, initial growth would be slow, almost like molasses turtle crawling speed. However, by even just doubling every rotation the implications are staggering. If it works then this will be easy enough to see since I’m a nobody. I’m no a celebrity and the Empire is a Micronation. I do however know the power of a crowd if we utilize it right. No matter how much I tweet personally, it’s impossible for me to reach the whole planet on my own. However, through the crowd source power it’s not only possible but will be quite successful. Aren’t you curious to see HOW successful? If so, then simply participate and help us crowd source this new society, this new nation from the ground up. We’re doing a really cool game with it too, so you’ll have fun while you’re being challenged.

As time goes on it might be harder to find people among your friends who haven’t seen this yet and who aren’t followers yet. In addition if it goes as planned it may take me a few days to follow back and / or talk to people about joining since the compounding will bring me more than I can handle by myself in a single day after some time.

So what if your friends aren’t resistance, not interested in joining a Micronation or not interested in what I have to say?

Do they want a better world for all humanity?
Do they agree with Live and Let Live?
Are they curious to see what I’m doing and why?
Do they like Aliens, SciFi, Technology or any of the others stuff I tweet about?
They can still follow, they may enjoy things & tweets nonetheless!

Who is OneSpirit77: (8300 Followers)

I’m a 41 year old woman from Germany that believes in Freedom. Politically I’m a bleeding heart liberal and a part of the resistance as I believe in Live and Let Live. I’ve traveled through many countries in my life and lived in both Germany and Greece. My Husband and Love of my life is an OTR truck driver so I travel plenty these days too. In fact I’ll be spending one to two years on the road with him in 2018; that’s sure to bring forth some interesting tweets. My passion is writing Dystopian Science Fiction and running a tiny little Society that’s a model nation project. I know we can change the world together and I’m willing to try unique ideas to see what will work to make it happen. My strength is my dogged determination and creative ideas. In a way I know that I’ll succeed down the road as I look outside the box. Most of my Tweets are political in nature, but I also tweet about the trucking industry and my book writing from time to time. I call myself Empress HayaH as that’s who I am in the Micronation.

HanianEmpire: (4940 Followers)

This is a society that’s set up like a cross between a secret society and a Micronation. It’s to serve as a social experiment to build a new nation from scratch; using cutting edge techniques to do so. There is heavy focus on crowd-sourcing, we’ll have our own culture and language and we’ll be setting up an auxiliary administration. Come join here to look at an interesting game that covers the what if of first contact with aliens. You’ll have fun and do things you never thought possible. The Hanian Earth Empire is meant to be a global empire that’s here to change the world for all of humanity. Main law: Live and Let Live.

Both Twitter accounts are already of decent amount of followers since I’ve devoted a lot of time to growing and nurturing them. However, I know I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible, hence I’m doing this experiment.

Author Bio

HayaH Empress

Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I'm a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.

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