Understanding Overlords

Understanding Overlords

For instance we’ll have City Leadership & Local activities via the Overlord program.

Women can be Overlords too, it’s a really bad translation of a foreign concept.

Some people naturally get it as if by osmosis but others have a much harder time to understand this rather unique Hanian concept. They’re kinda hard to explain because it’s a cultural concept that doesn’t really translate very well. Think of it in this way:  The GOP is screwing this up so badly that we gotta get and appoint people whose sole job it is to get them voted out, fix their mess and then show how to lead properly.  In a way they’re a mix between mayors and governors; usually running a city – state. They hold a lot more autonomy and authority though; set both their own rules and flaunt their own style of leadership locally.

Make own Emblem

Usually you’d find Overlords dealing with local areas where there is some kind of friction between government and the people. This underlying friction is one of the main things that defines the word; you feel the friction, you see it, you are surrounded by it. People are realizing this and they’re wanting help to deal with it. They need an Overlord, called a phj ; tran in our language. The Overlord title is tongue in cheek; they’re not lording over people but rather situations. It’s one of many things that originally showed up as a concept in my writing and thus was easy to adopt into contemporary society in a fun and awesome way.

Yep, they might create their own emblems as well as have specific local laws and customs in place.

In Contemporary society they do a number of things to address the issues; from damage control to giving motivation to the people in their area. With the help of Underlords and their own official administration they make stuff happen and show alternative ways of doing stuff; each by their own style. Many will do cultural stuff too, some may run games, others may establish protests, the sky is the limit here.

Each city is unique. So are it’s problems. Sometimes the solutions needed are even more unique.

However, together they work for the removing of horrible leaderships and administrations, supporting good leaders and candidates, organize stuff and have a good time doing it. It’s a playful kind of thing but also meant for doing good locally and globally. Careful Overlords can be a bit eccentric and colorful because they’re encouraged to have fun with it but in a tight squeeze they might just move mountains!

We don’t have any overlords as of yet, but people voted overwhelmingly in their favor so you’ll likely see them popping up in a city near you soon.

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