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Unique – Be Somebody

An Alternative System where you are somebody; how’s that for change?

It’s just a game, or is it something more?

You’ve been bound by the system for your entire life. Your mother and father were bound by this same system. You know what I mean. The kings and corporations of this world ruling over you. The religions with their stranglehold on spiritual expression. The exploitation, the horrors and the uncertainties and wars. People crying and sometimes even dying for change every day but nothing happening. The restrictions and limitations found in every area of life. You have to work to survive; it’s so ingrained in society some of you reading this won’t even have realized your current condition of slavery to the system. Conform to it or suffer being shut out. Learn what they tell you is of relevance. Listen to the media daily as they assault you with more horrid news. See suffering around you and not be able to act.

Seize the power to rise up and resist!

You’re only a regular person struggling to support your family. To the system we’re all nobodies. We’re all there to serve and idol over a small segment of society who are above us with all the resources and power over our existence. They are the relevant ones. You see the elites everyday playing and being in the limelight being fussed about in the news. In the meanwhile you’re just standing in the shadows like Cinderella covered in ash and soot wishing to go to the a fancy ball and dance with a prince. You’re a nobody who wants nothing more than to be a somebody.

Well now you can; we all can. In the scenario you can be relevant and have importance. After all, they’re aliens and you’re now getting to live in their society. They didn’t choose those famous, rich or important people. In fact they completely ignored all of them. No meeting with presidents. Giving no interviews with the the media; neither by TV or newspapers. No poking around the shops to shop for brand name clothing or seeking business endorsements. Not even a squeak about trade agreements or talking to bankers about their future financial standing. They didn’t stare at or wonder about movie stars or athletes or ask singers what they think they should do.

Nothing of the sort, the ignored all of them equally.

Instead they chose someone like you, a regular person coming from poverty. The Contactee isn’t perfect just like you. Shock and horror, behold she’s a woman to boot; thus shaking up the male – centered system by mere existence. A regular immigrant woman coming from a working class background was elevated by them to serve as their sole representative to a planet of billions. Rather than inviting the famous into their society first they’re getting every day people. Random normal people and giving those same people the chance to elevate themselves into high level positions of power and authority. They came to you, not to any of the thousands of famous people they could have sought out.

In the game scenario it’s not just aliens being weird for no reason.

Rather it proves their total ignorance and indifference to the system

Yep something that rules every aspect of our existence is completely irrelevant to them. On a fundamental level the aliens view things vastly different and on that same level they don’t even care about the system. They’re alien after all so this shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Their actions show that they’re here to resist the corrupted things in our society just as we do; they don’t like these things either.

Their indifference is resistance.

They could be given the world if they went to the elites. But they don’t need anything of this system because they have their own system and they’re able to bring the same to earth. They don’t need the structures we have here because they’re not subject to them. In fact it’s clear by everything you see that they don’t like the system; at all. It’s exploitative, destructive and completely incompatible with their culture and society. Don’t even need a translator to see that! So, they simply ignore it’s existence as evidenced by the contact and their actions. In fact they give the ways and means to change it to the aforementioned contact. A simple message and mandate is included. Take this and make your own system. It will be much more effective and of course by nature of reality the lesser of the two will fade away over time.

While in our traditional systems you hold now power and authority, here you will as you’re a trendsetter and a visionary who brings in the new!

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