Unique: First Contact

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Unique : First Contact 

First Contact, not really even in our thoughts but you’ll get to experience it!

You’re so sure no one is coming; but what if you’re wrong? Curiosity will make you watch the skies….

First Contact is a concept that’s really not explored. At all. Yes people may wax poetically and philosophically about it. Writers explore it in essays and stories that often spawn movies. Academics sometimes explore it on a scientific level, think Seti. The UFO community covers it in relation to their unique experiences. MUFON and the Ashtar Command are two examples of that. Conspiracy types speculate on it and call for disclosure. However, the world at large is being left out. They are relegated to being observers and listeners, never ever participants. This is of course unusual, given how much of a planetary impact contact would have on our world and society. Trust me, the surface of this is barely scratched by even the official types. It’s something everyone should be talking about in great detail, much like we’re discussing politics these days. Yet almost no one does. Like the unspeakable subject I’m sure you’ve not one time brought First Contact up with your family at the dinner table.

When *they* arrive is a bad time to talk about it!

So, have you?

No you probably haven’t; haven’t likely even considered bringing it up like politics or the events happening at work.

We talk more about what we’ve had for lunch than we do making contact with aliens.

There is more discussion over online Memes’ than what we’d do in case we meet the neighbors.

Well, that’s about to change.

The scenario described in the game simulation is very realistic. It could happen at the drop of a hat. Both being told that Arrival would occur at some future time together with a mandate to straighten out our own affairs before this monumental event occurs. Imagine what all is included in “fixing our affairs”, the experiences and activities this could possibly all cover.

Differences in culture as well as in looking differently at our world would be ridiculously common as well. Each cultural and biological aspect of their existence would impact us on a scale most people can’t even imagine much less explore efficiently right now. How would you prepare a planet that’s so divided as ours for integration with a completely different cultural and social system? What’s the impact of such an event when random deeply held aspects of our society suddenly become irrelevant?

The avenues of exploration are endless and it’s all stuff that we must address in great detail.

Preferably before it happens for real.

Is this the picture of an actual iimortal? Most will tell you they don’t know….

The differences between them and us also makes that it’s not far fetched that they’d pick someone unexpected as their main contact. America always assumes Contact would occur with the President or the Government; due to their perceived power and authority. Very few take it into consideration that they might pick someone else. Yes, other governments are sometimes considered such as Russia or the European Union. In some cases they’ll perhaps think the UN will get picked.

A few broaden their minds and say it might just be SETI, a scientific group or even someone like MUFON. Yet most don’t think it past a UFO hovering over the White House Lawn demanding to be taken to our Leader. Another aside to consider in the cases of even a straight forward take me to your leader, to whom would we take a visiting alien who asked this of us. We’re not united as one world and we’re not ready to meet aliens.

In the scenario however it’s completely off the wall to our expectations. They instead pick just a random person they already knew. A garden variety nobody they seemingly just plucked up and contacted. Years earlier too. Imagine the possibilities of that; a regular person being picked as the only contact with highly advanced aliens before Arrival. The governments, the billionaires, the bankers, the corporations, the religious leaders, the scientists, the celebrities and the media all being completely left out of the equation. While everyone assumes these groups would have relevance and meaning to visiting extraterrestrials these are assumptions. They might not mean anything to them depending on cultural differences. In plain English, aliens may not care about the preexisting power structures of our society. All the groups listed above don’t really have any effect on advanced arriving aliens when you really get down to the meat of the equation.

There is another interesting consideration. The interplay between the contactee and the nation formed is unique to the scenario as well. Does the nation exist because of the contact or does the contact exist because of the eventual future formation of said micro state? It’s kept ambiguous as a chicken and egg scenario to explore.  This is just one of many of such mysteries to discover and discuss. Due to all of this a lot of people will gain the ability to participate in said exploration and adventure.

No longer being only the observer, here you are the participant.

Even non players find chances to discuss first contact and it’s many effects through this game.

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