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Unique: Experience Alien Society

You get to explore an alien culture and join their Society

As part of the scenario people are not only permitted to join the aliens society but they are fully encouraged to do so. This means you’ll get to explore something before unheard and unseen. Imagine the excitement of being a part of a non – human society; participating in a culture and governmental system which is unlike any other on the planet! In fact you won’t only be able to join it and look around but also be able to experience it as well as help fuse it with human culture. It’s all done in hopes of allowing us to coexist with them come Arrival. Learn a new language, explore new ways of organizing a society, explore the art of stories that come to life through activities, participate in new forms of sports, cook new exiting foods and otherwise immerse yourself in a vibrant culture pulled up from scratch.

It is set up along side of our current world, intertwining with it and mixing with it in many areas. In many cases you won’t be solely bound by the structures of this society, the system you’ve had to live under your whole life suddenly becomes less relevant for hours on end. Eventually, as more people get involved some parts of the system will no longer affect you at all. This is either through perception or by actually changing your reality. I can’t fully explain how this will be possible right now. It involves several trade secrets as well as many of our techniques which aren’t made public at the moment.

The best part of it all is that you can rise in prominence in the iimortal’s society. Since it’s a non earth based society it’s not governed by money, current position, nationality, religion or your current level of fame and importance. It’s governed by their ways. As outsiders all of humanity stands as equals before them. Imagine being able to not only gain fame but also achieve noble and even royal status.

Mind you, because it’s not a common game but rather a simulation you won’t only have these things in an online game area or by pretending. After a while you’ll actually have it in reality. Due to the intertwining of the scenario with the real world you’ll actually feel some of this in reality!

Go here to learn how to join their Society!

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