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Live the Movie: AW18

Unique: Living the Movie

Why watch the movie when you can live it?

Watching movies is so 20th Century; it’s time to live the adventure!

We primarily watch movies and read books trying to immerse ourselves into the worlds created. Yet we never get to participate. This is a shame as it’s a wonderful way to interact with each other and explore our humanity. Being an interactive game simulation it’s very different here. You can join to watch it unfold layer upon layer around you in full technicolor. Watching is fun, but doing is much better. See here you can also be in the story an active participant; in fact we encourage it so much that we’ll often bring those merely watching into the adventure. Imagine being the hero protagonist, the doer and the explorer in this rich and strange new world. You can touch the story. You can feel the events portrayed and spoken about in it. In fact you’ll experience the story. When it intertwines with your life and reality it’s vastly different than merely being an observer.

You’re the Hero!

Timing is different too. Most books you’ll read in a week tops. Movies are usually over in two hours. Then you return to your often normal banal existence in a world that doesn’t seem to really care about anything unless you’re a celebrity, a power player or have bunches of money. Most normal families find little relevance to their experiences. It’s often a mundane scraping by paycheck by paycheck for most people; raising their children to survive a world of chaos almost all of them bombarded by one bad event after the next through the news media. No one gets to be a hero or do any of the cool things the elites do everyday. Except in their heads through entertainment. See with the exception of these short flights of fancy, usually provided by television or sports events, most people are stuck in a routine.

Here it’s different. You do get to do the cool stuff. It’s about you, not about the elites. In a way you’re elevated to elite status within the simulated world, but due to how it’s being done you’re still also in the real world too. So it’s not like virtual reality or playing a video game. Instead it’s a multi year immersive adventure being unleashed into the world with you at the forefront of it.

How is that for spicing up your life? Ready to be the hero and save the world…..

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