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Unique – A Micronation:

Incredibly fun, quite rewarding, always a challenge – creating your own country from scratch!

Tired of the old ways, create a new nation! It’s even better when you say “Aliens made me do it!” to the naysayers.

First of all, we’re talking a Micronation. This is a model – state concept where people claim land and then declare independence from their home nations forming their own new countries. Of course these micro states aren’t accepted by anyone. They hold less relevance in the world than even an indigenous group living in the Amazon on their own.

Yet, this alone comes with a number of interesting activities which are seldom explored by people in the greater world. This includes cultural expression, covering PR and accepting citizenry all the way to building functioning systems of government from scratch. Micronations are a fascination as they can issue currency, stamps, passports, participate in diplomacy, hold elections, allow people to form noble houses and so much more. Basically doing everything the big boys do, albeit at a much smaller scale.

However, most Micronations only have a handful of people involved. Perhaps ten exist that have more activity; so few I could probably tweet their names in less than 140 Characters. What this means to me is that most people never get to experience the coolness of doing these cool things. So many that never get to experience the awesomeness of building nations and having fun with them. So by taking this very obscure concept and tying it into something much more popular we’re able to boost the success and get more people involved.

Besides, where else can you say I’m building a new nation in your spare time?

I hereby claim…..what?

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