Want to do a real protest?

Tired of no change? Try a Real Protest!

Many of us are so sick and tired of our governments and the systems we live and struggle under day after day. We protest. We petition. We cry for change, scream for it and even rabble rouse hoping someone will hear us. Yet nothing happens. Day in and day out. The system we’re under seems ready to crush us if we as much as push even an inch against it.

We’re not having a real protest!

We’re doing it wrong…

Yes, you heard me right. This whole activism thing, especially us anti-trump types. We’re not doing it the right way. If we were, then it would be changed. What happens whenever something did change? People changed the government. They changed the system not just by protesting but by doing a real protest. In addition to marching they did so much more. So I’m not going to ask you to sign another petition. It won’t do much. I’ve seen the system in all of it’s ugliness and anti-glory. If a million women marching on the cities didn’t do anything then not much will. Nothing we do will change it, nothing but one thing.

Sidestepping issues by doing something unexpected. That's a real protest!

Want to do a real protest? Then walk down the not walked path.

I’m going to suggest something rather radical.

Not bad as in causing harm to anyone. We don’t do that, live and let live is our highest law. But rather radical in how you approach the problem. Rather than keeping pouring energy into pushing against the system, we don’t we participate in some real protest and side step the system entirely?

What you can do that?

Uh huh. If you know how to do it. Protesting isn’t going to do much but if you do something to side step the system then you’re on the right path to real and lasting change. All change has always been brought forth by movements. However, if they system is the problem and it’s really in the guts of the problem then you’ll have to go a little deeper to address it. So what I’m suggesting as a form of real protest is to have us build and crowd-source a new country. Let us make a new system. It’s not really unpatriotic as we’ll simply put this structure up next to the existing one we have here. Let the two systems duke it out. Ours versus theirs. Free and fair competition, where we’ll have the upper hand as nature proves our social organization as far more superior to that what’s being used now.

Sidestepping issues by doing something unexpected. That’s making a real lasting change! The best thing is, they’ll never expect you there so there will be less resistance to the change. If you’re not busy pushing against the powers-to-be every few seconds then you can actually get something done.

Imagine if those million women had combined our energies, time and talent to build a new way? Trust me, Washington would have heard us scream! Want to prove it to them that you’re fed up and ready for change? Help us side step this system. Want to get involved and really shake things up? Let’s crowd-source a nation and show them how it’s done by taking a micronation and making it a real nation!

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Empress HayaH and Founder of the Hanian Empire. I'm a happily married stay at home writer and creative visionary who is busy trying to change the world. I write on a number of topics as well as creative dystopian science fiction.

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