Conlang Weekdays

Weekdays in Hanian Conlang

Telling time and counting days

Telling time is very important and in Hanian it’s no different. So here are your weekdays as long as a few concepts relating to them. To say day you’d say kvar.

The weekaz gak ; var

az here is the form of the that’s being used, since you’re telling time and weeks go for eternity. gak ; var is the word for week. All the weekdays and items having to do with telling time and calendar matters all use az.

The week, also called gak ; var in Hanian.

Monday - pa ; teu
   Tuesday - gla ; mek
       Wednesday - za ; ti ; za
           Thursday - ii ; dra
              Friday - tu ; pa ; li
                  Saturday - bli ; ke ; te
                       Sunday - da ; ti ; la

These again have special meanings attributed to them which refer to our work and rest cycles in contemporary human society. If you practice them by saying the relevant one each day you’ll get the hang of them.

mau ; daz                                                au ; ka ; rud

Which do you think is the work week and which is the weekend here?

It may be difficult to tell them apart by sight unless you know your bases! Yep, those pesky 2 letter things I keep harping on you to learn. In this case ka and ru are conquest and doing so both action bases, while da and az imply eternity and holiness, non working bases.

The weekday part of the week is called: au ; ka ; rud
Weekend part of week : mau ; daz

In both cases au is the base which refers to time and frequency.

Oh to say today in Hanian you’d use nek ; var.

Yesterday comes out to lok ; var

Tomorrow as olk ; var

Do you see the patterns yet? They may seem very confusing again unless you know at least the basics of your bases.

lo – past                ol – future

ne – in proximity / close by

The two major rules in Hanian are these: Most of the time if something is flipped around it will mean the opposite. This is true of almost all bases. Another one is that bases 80% of the time will help you tell apart similar words. Clustering while it seems very difficult to the untrained eye will become a blessing if you just know a few basics.

*** Please note that this day count isn’t the only one that exists; it’s just the one most commonly used ***

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