What does an empress do


What does an Empress do?

Since we’re not like a conventional society nor run a conventional nation it should come to no surprise that what an Empress does here isn’t nearly like what a traditional counterpart would be doing. For one I don’t do much of the actual ruling. There are kings and queens that will be appointed to do that; they will handle various ruler-ship issues. Some things are also up to the citizens. Just like ants don’t need to be micro managed neither do you. The government is mainly there to keep things flowing smoothly, to provide opportunity, to assure everyone’s needs are met, to serve the people and to assure live and let live is kept supreme in the land. Kings and Queens don’t even really negotiate with others, there is a separate Royal who handles the Foreign Affairs Ministry who does the negotiation. Because we’re eusocial there is a definite division of labor. So where do I fit in?

Kind of a global Fire.

An Ideas person.

The cultural liaison.

Heartbeat and soul of the Empire.

Global Fire:

I’ll be the one to fire people up. To tell them what needs doing with fire or to gently prod them to making the right choices. This means I’ll write a lot. If things are wrong with the planet, it will be me to tell you about it. Since I’m really sensitive it doesn’t take much to trigger the inherent “This isn’t right” feeling in my heart. I’ll let people know about it.

Ideas person:

I’m the main ideas person. Someone who didn’t even know me remarked that my currency when I come about would be ideas. That is so true. Every problem has at least two solutions. It’s my job to find three of them. If something can be made better it’s usually me that will go in sure fire succession: Do this. Then That. Now this. How about we try that. Ideas come not only in practical matters, but also in spiritual ones. I’ll point scientists towards new endeavors and make philosophers debate more. That’s my main job as Empress. Nothing I do is more important. In fact, you’ll see many of my ideas showcased here. My tjb is ideas, if I had enough people to just HAND my ideas to for execution without anyone seeking fame or fortune everything would change.

Cultural Liaison:

I know what it means to be Hanian. This comes from proximity. If you need to know what that means, see it as me being tuned into the right frequency. Over time you’ll figure it out better. That means many cultural aspects will seemingly fall into my lap, ready to be shared. They’ll fit and they’ll be powerful. I’ll boost everything around me culturally too. This doesn’t just mean culture either. I’m a bridge of sorts. As one of the main people *in contact* I understand enough to be able to see how things would go down and help us better work through it. In addition, I can do the same back. Where understanding may not immediately happen from the other side, I can try to communicate this through my knowledge. We often joke that they likely can see through my eyes and feel my tears and laughter. It’s a joke but there may be some truth to that because I can feel animals and the earth even.

Heartbeat and Soul:

In a way I’m the Heartbeat and yes, even the Soul of the Empire. If you see the Empire in some fashion you see me. It has a “sense” to it. That sense is the soul of it. What it represents. This is what I endeavor to represent. A new beginning for humanity and a better future. Unity. Freedom. Live and Let Live. Prosperity and Exploration. Expression. Culture. Peace. Restoration. Yes, all of that and more. I’ll express these things from time to time. My plans will show us moving towards that. This also means that most territories and expansion ideas will come from me. I know inherently where to go and why.

In this I will also often interact with citizens, usually online but sometimes even offline. They often don’t know about my position or know very little about it. Most don’t even know what a Micronation is, nor that we do indeed have some power here to make positive change. In this I get the pulse of what’s around me, what people feel, how they work, what their hopes are and how they’re struggling. They don’t know they’re talking to anyone who has any say over anything, so they’ll be honest. They’ll trust and confide. That means I can pass it on and we can collectively make changes. This is done by ideas and firing people up. See, it’s a circle and it’s perfect.

I don’t have to do all four of them all the time. It’s done where and when I’m moved to do it. This is why there need to be others who are part of the Empire who each handle some of this as well. Other people to give ideas. Still others to help fire everyone up. And yet others who go out and meet citizens and interact with them. The only thing no one else can do is be the bridge. That sadly falls on me alone; so if there is a time where I can only do one thing it will be that. Just be sure to not do anything to sever or hinder that connection, for I’m the only one who can ever serve in that position and it took a long time to get there!

This should help you understand it everything a lot more.

Remember how I say that a common progression is Fire, Overlord, Emissary? Well an Emissary is someone who does similar to what I do, except on a more national level rather than global. While as Absolute I have last and final say in everything, it’s not used in a pushy kind of way. I let others do their tjb just as I do mine. It’s more of like when it comes down to the overall feel I’m the beginning of everything having to do with the Empire and the End of any matter of debate.

Now, obviously you didn’t see anything here that traditional heads of state do on a day to day basis.

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