When Opportunity Knocks…

When Opportunity Knocks….

When opportunity knocks you open the freaking door. We did and it’s going to be a wonderful and exiting journey. First of all some background information…

Legitimizing our territory holdings:

Saying you lay claim to something and actually being active in, holding, administering it are very different things. You can’t say a place is part of your territory if you’re never there and plan to never go there. It’s just not the way these sort of things work. Especially not for Hanian. I mean you can do it but you won’t really get anywhere with it.

Now most people, even micronations, can only manage to hold authority and legitimacy over small sections of territories. For us rachorm is an example of one of such claims. There we hold a tiny bit of authority over a small place; it’s perfectly legitimized and solidified as we actually live here. It’s the perfect kind of tiny claim that most micronations hold. You can walk through your kingdom and smile while meeting the wildlife.

Yet a few times new nations are forced to proxy – claim. A claim like that is when you say you claim a spot but you haven’t yet been there. Usually it’s some remote place that’s very far away and by nature of this is very inaccessible. In fact in many cases it’s almost impossible or impractical to get there; I mean these places are perfect for claiming because people can’t get there easily. It’s not that we don’t do that at the Empire as well, we proxy claim with the best of them. I have a whole list of them we’re going to eventually be working on. Most aren’t made public till we have some sort of planning going on. However for us to claim one it’s more of an intent to legitimize the said claim down the road than anything else. It’s a signal to say hey, we’ve got our eyes on this just so you know that. We intend to move forward occupy / administer / legitimize / leverage resources / have a grand ol time wandering around the desert / whatever we’re feeling like doing with it later on. The proxy claim is just a friendly  heads up on it though so you don’t’ get ants in your pants when we actually show up there to do something there later on. Check out Bir Tawil for one example of it where we had to proxy claim for now. It’s not that we don’t want to go there and legitimize it, it’s that we lack current resources to do so effectively. That doesn’t mean we’re not planning. (That’s a meeting I’m sure you wished you had been a fly on the wall, don’t worry. There will be plenty more of them, become a citizen and you can join in the fun me and daHavor had with that one!)

Effectively solidifying a claim to make it legit is the key word here. That’s the thing about Hanian. We do things when and how they’ll be effective. As an example rachorm didn’t become a thing ’till we lived here. Had we not seen the opportunity to both claim and find a way to eventually legitimize it we would likely not have gone for it. It’s like that with a lot of things.

It’s about unity, not division!

We’re not Secessionist:

Remember, in all this we’re not secessionist. So it’s never about actually taking anything from anyone. We may call things sovereign territory, but it’s not our intent to take away or destroy but to add toward and improve. Maybe exchange a thing or two if it’s really shoddy or we have an idea how to do something better. Some politicians will be voted out and others may get a stern talking for disrupting peace and order, but these things are just par for the course.

The Empire is more of about doing a social experiment of what it would take to create a new nation from scratch, examining the things that make a nation a nation.

We’re about unity.

And trying out new things.

Claims are taken if they seem able to be solidified:

As such most things we’ll claim are things we see the opportunity and means to eventually legitimize. However, not all things that would be nearly impossible for others to hold are so for us. With a bit of planning and maneuvering we can see about accomplishing things that would be absolutely impossible for many others to do. Because of this not all areas are Bir Tawil and out of our reach. We’re a lot more creative and dedicated to our goals and existence to stick with the conventional wisdom of such things.

For instance for most micronations legitimacy is conveyed by sticking a flag into a place and saying it’s yours now, right? If that’s so then what sort of sovereign umpff can be gained by consistently being active in a given area or territory? Kinda like we’re doing with rachorm, but on a bit of a larger scale. Well actually on a much larger scale. Say like to the tune of 3 million square miles or 1.5 % of the total surface area of the Earth…

I hereby claim 3…wait…how much? Who the blaze scouted that and in what? I thinks I iz gonna need a bigger flag…..

Hold on, say what? You’re telling me you can’t plant a flag in Bir Tawil because it’s not effective at the moment, but here you’re saying you can effectively legitimize a territory of over 3 million square miles. How could you possibly do that, isn’t that like, impossible? That sounds more impossible than traveling to Bir Tawil and sticking a flag on a desert mountain there.

Actually it’s not:

It’s about opportunity and efficiency. Yes, we can do one but certainly not the other at the moment. The 3 million square mile territory is much easier for us to legitimize and solidify than the much smaller Bir Tawil one. Why?

Location and opportunity.

When it knocks you must answer and we certainly answered the door.

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