Why use reality?

IRE: Why use reality?

We use real situations in the narrative to blend the worlds better. It allows the player to get more out of playing. If we simply used this whole fantastical concept with no basis in reality then it would be like any other LARP or roleplaying adventure. Not only would people bore of it more quickly, but it would never become an integrated immersive reality game. But it’s not just another game; because we do go the extra mile to make it more grounded in reality. We only slowly but surely change the reality on the player throughout the game. It’s also better this way as you won’t have to learn that much to start playing.

Reality is in the eye of the beholder.

We do this by using differences in perceptions since naturally each person views reality slightly differently. Since we all can’t agree on much past the sky is blue, complicated scenarios that could very well be real will let people make up their own minds about it all. Especially if they’re impossible to be proven either way. Being people they’ll pick out different things and come to different conclusions. It will work just like religion and the paranormal. Just like people couldn’t decide about the color of the dress on social media; people just won’t know for sure. This will let them make up their own things and find proof where even there might not be any proof. Suffice to say, as long as we don’t say anything too off the wall, people can use the “new knowledge” to examine the world around them to come to some interesting conclusions. There won’t be enough proof to either confirm nor deny it. They’ll do the rest and the game scenario will happily and easily be integrated with reality enough to make players want to do more activities, try to solve more mysteries and get more information.

The political situation yields itself nicely to all kinds of things….

We also use reality so that people learn to look at things from various perspectives. In the cases of using a real crime players may discover additional information that’s not been looked at yet and actual help real detectives solve the crime. When they run around and try to have people around them help them in a challenge they may find out things about human nature. Where it’s something else, such as looking at possibilities of the future or historic events players may discover more about their world and their place in it.

Each decision has an impact!

The game scenario will impact each and every player; but it will do so differently for each person in a creative and rather unobtrusive way. Each activity will bring them something; each mystery will engage them as they try to solve it, each goal will send them on new adventures. This will make most people crave more, it will make them hype about it to others around them and get more people involved. Again, think back of the dress on social media. It was a dress, but think of how much people heard about it and went back and forth about it. Think of how much people talk about votes for American Idol, how much they discuss movies and sports and you can see where this is going. Especially because each of the activities is alone already so unique and different.

Lastly we use reality so people take a stand for their own place in the world. Too many people look at the affairs in the world and simply go meh, it doesn’t concern me. Some of the activities may get people to reconsider that, take up for society again or at least get out and rediscover the world and various people in it anew. A few players may discover things about themselves, about human nature and the world around them. Each player will get different things out of it; but no matter what comes of it people will have tons of fun with it.

We’ll create it piece by piece to become something unlike anything you’ve seen before.

An unclaimed land can lead to at least a dozen activities…..

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