Hanian Earth Empire:

Problems, Solutions, Beliefs and Laws:

What’s the problem?

How things are done and how people view each other and life. The problem are actually multiple problems that are much more widespread than we may think and it will take unique approaches to fixing them. To address all of them we must address the source.

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Some of the solutions!

Changing how we view certain things and our perception of the world around us. Implementing a new and better way of doing stuff via unique techniques that will address issues and solve them once and for all. All of this is bound together by a culture, language and other things to unify us on a global and human level and make all this easier to manage.  We’re setting up something completely new that functions along – side the traditional system so we can expand into any local area or country at will; the only thing we’ll need is you!

Expand on the solutions....

What we believe in?

Freedom and Opportunity.  Live and Let Live. Global Unity. Sharing work as well as success. Fairness.  Advancement of the Human Species. That most crimes shouldn’t be crimes. Real crimes should be punished harshly. No more war; human against human.  A good infrastructure available to all. An end to needless suffering. Everyone should have access to basic necessities. The universe is a vast place, there is no way we’re alone.

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About Crime and Justice
Taxes and Money
No one has to listen; it's voluntary