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Selected Blog Posts

My blogging started very informally indeed. One here and one there; but I’m trying to make it a more permanent part of the HazEmpire site as I’ve noticed there is a lot I’d like to write about and cover in a variety of subjects. My interests are so eclectic that I often find myself tweeting about various topics and finding I can’t really cover them in a proper way and a lot of things I’d like to say never see the light of day. Enter my new blog. Right here you’ll see selected really good pieces of writing from it so you can get a better idea not only about my blogging style but also see the great variety of stuff I’m going to cover.


While it may be easier to say what I won’t be blogging about I’ll stick to topics I plan on covering in detail.

  • Activism & Liberal viewpoints especially in regards to politics. I’m AntiTrump.
  • Micronations not only talking about Micronations but also sharing my journey in building one.
  • Constructed Language Creation and other cool stuff; from an amateur viewpoint though as I’m not a linguist.
  • CryptoCurrency; mostly about Bitcoin and Ethereum, trying to invest in it, learning about it and utilizing it for my Micronation.
  • Social Media especially as it pertains to Twitter and growth of the same.
  • Writing books and World building; my adventures in trying to write Dystopian SciFi and then publish the same.
  • Samples and Fan Activities for my Book projects
  • Crowd-Sourcing and Interactive Community Building
  • Gamification of various things as well as how playing games can change the world
  • Creation of a new gaming concept, I call it IRE (Eye-Reh)
  • First Contact, Disclosure and a whole bunch about Aliens. This isn’t the regular old stuff rehashed again.
  • Advancement and Technology; including some nice surprises.
  • Trucking and being a Trucker Wife; this includes my adventures on the road as well as general trucking topics
  • Feminism and the need for Feminine Leadership
  • Solar Respect and Alternative Religious Views; including plenty on spirituality in a general sense
  • Merit Based systems; such as Konra
  • Being Hanian and creating as well as living by a new culture
  • Eusociality and Humanity
  • Solutions and new techniques to change the world
  • Behind the scenes stuff to show some of my thought processes
  • Getting to know the Empress
  • Brand Building with Creativity

It’s hard to sit here and give a whole idea of everything that will be covered because it’s simply too much that has accumulated in my mind over the years. Over a period of time I’ll simply blog and see where it leads. You’re invited to join me in the journey. Even if not everything I cover will be along your interests I keep it diverse and cool enough that most people can get good stuff out of it. I’ll make menus if I need to so you can easily find the posts which interest you by clicking on the links on this page. How often will I blog? I don’t know yet; hopefully at least twice per week once I get into the swing of things in January 2018. In the meanwhile the selected blog posts page will get you a good overview of my previous stuff. Be aware there are many things I cover which most others don’t even touch upon; some of these are niche areas.

Do I guest blog?

No, not yet. I’m just starting this so I need to focus on my own thoughts first. Perhaps in the future I can branch out a bit.