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Hanian Language: Our muv ; ta

It is called Hanian, it’s usable and still being updated weekly.

  • 4000 + words
  • unique cultural concepts
  • words have meanings embedded in them
  • both Latin and glyph writings styles
  • unique linguistic aspects
  • modern, global and vibrant language
  • stories, games and functional use.
  • you’ll learn it little by little if you get involved.

Everyone may learn our language, however it will be taught in small doses. When you get involved you’ll learn more. A few things will also be spread creatively

Here are your first few basics.

Hanian – Brothers and Sisters; Citizens of Light.

This is what our language is called and what we’re called because that is who we are. Light in this case is what’s righteous, what is good and what is of Source. It doesn’t matter if you call that Being God or Almighty, the Universe or All there is, it is at base concept the same One we’re all talking about here. The One who is responsible for you existing, our planet here and everything you see on it.

Now occasionally you might see Hanian words broken up like this:
[Ha ; ni ; an]

That’s syllable breaking to aid in pronunciation of Hanian. This is called writing in Mimic.You’ll see it around from time to time especially in full texts; it’s actually needed in some cases as similar words can only be differentiated by how they are broken up.

tosh – greeting (together we create reality)
    * toshiid [to ; shiid] – goodbye

Yes, our greeting is a reminder that we create our reality together. It’s what we make of it and by uniting we can change it. Every time you say it, you remind yourself and the other person you greet in this manner of your personal power to change fate, to change things. Such inner meanings are very common in Hanian. In time you’d learn them and how words and concepts relate to each other. It’s the only way to understand those words that are really hard to translate. We’ve got a few good ones :). By the way, you’ll see n’tosh on the front page, it’s the greeting given to multiple people at once. If it’s too hard to pronounce you can also say don tosh which is basically: (to) people Greetings.

keprut – do to others as you would want done to you (golden rule).

When we talk about keprut [ke ; prut] it’s us usually talking about the concept of live and let live. Since prut basically means how you treat others it’s pretty accurate to use as a term for the golden rule. It’s highly important to us as Hanian and in our culture; since we believe that people have the free will to make their own decisions over how they wish to raise their families and what sorta things they want to do with their lives.

We have a lot of words that don’t exist in conventional languages, so as you learn Hanian you will notice that not everything you learn has an equivalent. In other words you’re word lists won’t look like what you’ll learn in other language courses. It’s because this is tied intimately to who we are as a group, society and movement. Our language has to reflect that.

If you’ve been invited you’ll learn your first 40-50 words with ease. The three above are a part of it, so you’re already part of the way there :).

More coming soon!

Here we will host various word lists, the bases with meanings, grammar as well as samples of just about everything language related. The sub section is still being built, so please be patient.

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