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Will include Empire structure, our culture, cutting edge techniques, private forum as well as hidden knowledge. You will need to be a provisional citizen, full citizen or Imperial citizen to access our members page.

Citizen Forum: The Empire Twitter Account

All citizens have the rights to directly interact with their government. We will conduct most of this through Twitter initially. Here we will interact with the public and share some of our beliefs and that which we stand for as a nation with them. We’ll share news, call for various votes and host various discussions with those who seek to be interested in them. This is both ways as we also share things that citizens promote on their own channels to give a flavor of our country. The forum is directly managed by the Empress, so anyone interacting will get to know our leaders well. Anyone is permitted to follow our twitter and get involved in this, as we have a truly open forum. Even if things get really busy, the Empress will keep managing this presence even if she must get help with it down the road.

Later on we can conduct some of our business on our website forums for those who are interested in getting more involved. These will serve for a forum for more intense and detailed discussion as well as to aid in passing legislation, making grievances against local leaders or call attention to issues which need addressing. The Empress will be present here but others will eventually help manage the forum as various items may directly impact different ministries or departments. The relevant leaders and their administrations will always speak up and interact with citizens to help address their ideas, thoughts and grievances.

In addition, due to having an open and transparent Government the Empress will travel across much of our claimed territories. This will allow her to see for herself what needs addressing and how her citizens live day by day. It will allow her to have citizens speak to her without knowing her position and to get a vital pulse of our nation from within the trenches. She will see and be seen as well as have a chance to serve her citizenry symbolically and physically.  Other royals and ministers may join in this endeavor; mingling with people as equals rather than waving at them from palace balconies. Due to being a royal scout, daHavor is on the road constantly interacting with people.

Through this we have a very unique approach to how our leaders and the Imperial Government interacts with the people of our empire.


Empire: HanianEmpire       Empress HayaH : OneSpirit77

Please note:

  • Due to consistent traveling twitter accounts may lay nearly dormant when either internet or time isn’t available to maintain them.
Empress HayaH King General daHavor
Currently: ra ; chorm Currently: on term

Both regularly travel to:

  • Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio

Sometimes they travel to:

  • Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin

HanianEmpire Twitter Follower Map:

Sadly you will still have to go offsite to see this as the widget won’t load right. However, our profile at tweetmap will update in real time to always show you the geographic distribution of our followers. As of September 23rd, 2017 we currently have over 4700 followers, experiencing exponential growth every week.  Many of our followers interact with us via Twitter, especially in matters of politics and social change.

Empire Twitter Followers via Tweepmap

HazEmpire Forums:

Coming soon! They exist but will be more active once we have a few ministers, some staff and more provisional citizens.

This page will be updated as needed.