Citizenship :

Citizenship and membership to our movement is handled completely differently from most things you’re used to in traditional society. First of all, we’ve got four types of citizenship. They are Residency, Provisional Citizenship, Full Citizenship and Imperial Citizenship.


Residency is automatically conferred to everyone who lives in one of our territories or gets served by us by our presence in the territories. People can interact with us online and get resident citizenship as well. Individuals may get their residency revoked in cases of certain known crimes. They may also ask to have their residency revoked simply by contacting us or telling us since we believe in live and let live. In case of revocation they fall outside of the jurisdiction of our society. While they’ll still be allowed to live in our territories and may still be served by our people indirectly or in cases of emergencies they will be considered outsiders.

Residents have partial rights so don’t throw those away. These include the right to occupancy, the right of ownership, the right of opportunity, the right of freedom and having their voices heard. That means their voices are included in votes, they may petition their local administration for any matter, they  are permitted limited resource sharing and they may pursue many of the opportunities we present. They may also have membership to our website and are permitted to participate in events.  They must only follow our base law of Live and Let Live, but are otherwise free to live their own lives and pursue any opportunity available to them. It is our duty to serve them to stabilize society and not for them to dote on us! Yeah, I know it’s a little different than what you’re used to hearing from your government, but this is our society and as such our ways supersede the old ways. None of them are officially in the caste system, but they count as resident citizens. Many residents may never help out but some will help sporadically through the crowd-sourcing. It’s a resident’s quickest and best way to participate. A few may give up to an hour per week or help out with an event or project. We have millions of residents, many of whom aren’t aware of our existence yet! Don’t worry, that will change in the next few years as we’re active in informing and including them.

It turns out, even though in most cases we do our best to provide for our residents without asking anything in return and even without them knowing about it things still got interesting when we did our trial runs. Several residents did manage to provide us with services and resources completely on their own or via the circumstances of our interactions. Cool beans!

Provisional Citizenship:

Those who are somewhat involved are often granted a conditional provisional citizenship. They’ll usually give some effort to acclimate themselves to the basics of Hanian culture. Many will be involved online or via local areas when there are city administrations present in our vast territories. As a provisional citizen you get some more rights but also have a few more responsibilities. Some provisional citizens are in the caste system others aren’t. They can hold caste, have the right to take positions, earn status, participate in the Hanian culture, gain rewards and voice their opinions with more clout. See this as a part time involvement in the Empire. You’re involved here and there, but on a more consistent basis than residents. Think an hour to four per week on average; depending on your level of dedication and where your interests lie. For many provisional citizenship will pave the way to more exiting opportunities they’ll discover down the road. At this level some will also hold cultural names and earn partial rights to things we gain.

Full Citizens:

Full citizens are those who are fully entering Hanian Society. They agree to be stewards of our territories and both administer and maintain them as per our laws. As such they will usually hold higher position and status than residents and provisional citizens. This is balanced in that they will also hold additional responsibilities in many cases. Full citizens may at times be allowed to participate in resource sharing, acquire higher caste placement and often will hold considerable power and authority. You should be in some way willing to acclimate to our culture and society to be granted a full citizenship. In addition you must be active and loyal to the Empire; there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.  Most full citizens not only are in the caste system but many will earn relatively high and privileged position in it over a period of time. It’s not easy being a full citizen especially if you want to be active in certain fields. A lot of times we’ll approach you for it not the other way around. Full citizens vary considerably in their commitment and dedication. Some may give five hours per week while others may give much more effort to make our Empire a reality. All full citizens will pick a cultural name and will gain access to both information and techniques to improve their lives as well as help them in learning leverage the Hanian way.

Imperial Citizenship:

There are some people who will give a considerable amount of time, effort or resources to make the Empire a reality. They will be offered something called an Imperial Citizenship. All who are here will have given significant sacrifice to build our Empire from scratch before it’s all said and done. Many may be founders helping in the establishment. Others will volunteer to hold high positions often with little or no staff. Some may run projects with few resources. Then there will be those who will give their own resources to further our goals. Many of them will make personal or professional sacrifices, just to get it done. All will help considerably in the birthing this nation. Socially and culturally speaking many of those who are Imperial Citizens will be Hanian, making their best effort to follow the Hanian way of life either partially or completely.

All of them will be titled before it’s all said and done. When we acquire resources they’ll also qualify for full resource sharing. Their voices will hold the most power and authority in any discussions. Respecting them isn’t optional for without them there is no Empire. Without them there is no new world. Many of those who become Imperial Citizens will give more than most can imagine to make this happen. Some are working for the Empire without pay as if it were their job. Imperial Citizens often give over 30 hours per week to make the Empire a reality for all of us. Many however do much more than that….

Keep in mind, if you are a resident, you are a resident of the Hanian Empire. That means you merely live on our lands follow our one law and are served by us. You can interact with us and some of what you say may still end up being taken to heart, since we do a lot of crowd sourcing. In order to gain provisional citizenship you must both register and fulfill a couple of additional requirements. To gain full citizenship you’ll either progress there from a provisional citizenship or we will come to you and offer it to you. If we offer it then it’s usually offered together with a position or some projects you can tackle. Those who are willing to make a more serious commitment will be offered an Imperial Citizenship. However most of them will hold a full citizenship for some time before being granted the much more coveted imperial one. We will approach you to let you know you’re potentially qualified to be an Imperial Citizen. A common progression is resident, provisional citizenship, full citizenship to Imperial Citizenship if you’re worthy of such!

Just getting established:

Just be aware we’re just getting established. In addition we’re not quite ready to handle diplomacy yet either as we’re getting a bit of PR and Social Media activity out of the way first. We’re also busy solidifying our territorial holdings and refining our policies and laws. It takes a lot to establish a country, you’d be surprised how much actually goes into it. If you are interested in getting a jump start, be aware of the following things:

  • We’re a model country set up by very specific ways for very specific reasons.
  • We have our own language and culture.
  • We’re for global unity. If you don’t agree, we’re not your kind of Empire.
  • The values we stand for are not negotiable. Don’t like them, pick another country.
  • It’s easy to get a little acclimated. It’s hard to be Hanian! You’ve been warned….
  • We’re set up like a secret society to protect our techniques, trade secrets, resources,allies and benefactors.
  • We’re a little different. It may really be Aliens, this time at least.
  • There is an experience aspect to our Nation.

If you’d like to start earning konra for your activities you’ll need to register for our site here unless you’re a full citizen working primarily offline. Otherwise our system can’t track what you do and we can’t issue badges and awards. If you are a member of #theresistance feel free to just jump in by retweeting and liking various things we say that are dealing with current policies.

Register For our Site Here!

Even if you’re not ready to be a citizen yet you’re still welcome to sign up to our website or interact with us in other places. Being active on the Twitter and contacting us is the easiest way to being offered a position at the moment.  Residents and citizens, if you’d like to get involved with something just chime in or answer when we make offers.  Right now we’re using the public Twitter as kind of a social hive; just to get a feel of things. Your voice will be heard if you participate. Simply interact with us, tag us on stuff you want input on, like stuff you’re voting for and get others to follow us on Twitter. Just jump right in to communicate with the rest of us!


HanianEmpire (On Twitter) – Will serve as the residents network for crowd sourcing as well as the public twitter for Empire news. We also sometimes conduct votes there. Many of those who follow want to be informed, get news or be involved. So follow if you’re curious or want to just interact with us or support us. Anyone may join and we follow back 98% pf people, except for extreme spammers, bots and some adult content. Be aware at 4000 + followers there are all types of people who interact via this twitter. This goes all the way from the general public, to our allies and supporters to those who are royals in the Empire. You’ll even find contemporary politicians, various professionals and verified individuals, other Micronations as well as their leaders and well known internet activists in our network.  Some may unexpectedly get involved or speak up.

Our website here at hazempire:

It’s still very slow here because we’re not fully set up yet. However, if you want konra for your activities, earn badges and awards, learn simple cultural stuff or participate past the stuff we do on Twitter then you may want to get a site membership. After a huge site overhaul it will be much better, through testing we’ve refined a lot of our policies and found some cool things we can do! However, be forewarned we won’t be that active on our forums here for a while. Not only don’t we have any real staff yet but many of us are busy with the establishment, PR and securing our territorial claims. Really, really, really busy.

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