Citizenship :

Citizenship and membership to our movement is handled completely differently from most things you’re used to. It’s easy and it’s automatic with just a single click :). Just be aware we’re just getting established. In addition we’re not quite ready to handle diplomacy yet either as we’re getting a bit of PR and Social Media activity out of the way first. It takes a lot to establish a country, you’d be surprised how much actually goes into it. If you are interested in getting a jump start, be aware of the following things:

  • We’re a model country.
  • We’re anti – trump and a part of the resistance.
  • We’re also hosting an reality – based role playing experience, a what – if simulation that’s intertwined with our society and the world around us.
  • We’re for global unity. If you don’t agree, we’re not your kind of Empire.
  • We’re a little different. It really is, this time at least, Aliens. (See Experience and Immortals)

To get citizenship is easy. Simply follow the HanianNet Twitter account (@HanianNet). If you’d like to start earning Konra for your activities you’ll need to register for our site here. Otherwise it can’t track it and we can’t issue badges and awards. If you are a member of #theresistance feel free to sign our Anti – Trump Resistance Unite Pledge. Or just jump in by Retweeting and Liking various things we say that are dealing with current policies.  We will invite people to HanianNet from our main Twitter account and those people we speak with one on one. Unless you engage us in one of those ways or join HanianNet on  your own we won’t ever ask you.

Register For our Site Here!

Even if you’re not ready to be a citizen yet you’re still welcome to sign up to our website or interact with us in other places. Signing the pledge and being active on the Twitter or our site is the easiest way to being offered a position.

Citizens, if you’d like to get involved with something use HanianNet Twitter for it as well as the basic Empire public Twitter. Your voice will be heard, Retweet stuff you want input on, like stuff you’re voting for and otherwise communicate with the rest of us!


@HanianNet – Citizens’ only Network for crowd sourcing as well as citizen only news. We also conduct votes there. Only Follow if you want citizenship. If you have a company account and you follow us by HanianNet that means the person maintaining the account is seeking citizenship and the company is friendly to us. If we find bots, you will be bumped and banned, if you are a parody account you will be blocked and banned.

@HanianEmpire – Public Empire Twitter account. Follow if you’re curious or want to just interact with us or support us without being a citizen. Anyone may join and we follow back 98% pf people, except for extreme spammers, bots and some adult content.

Here – if you want Konra for your activities, earn badges and awards.

So simple. Let’s open the gates!

To see our current citizens list, check out HanianNet Twitter.

*List of Citizenry who want to be made public *