CL Big projects:

As a resistance there are many things that others are doing. We’ll have to find our own way to rise above it all and make a distinct and unique impact. As such, here are three or four big projects we’ll be tackling together.

All Fired Up:

A network of Fires will be created to fire us all up. They’ll pass things back and forth, as well as motivate and encourage people. Everyone else can help by occasionally passing things around or encouraging and helping others in the Resistance. A few people do similar in the overall resistance, but we could always use more. For instance, FBR parties are very useful. While there may be two parties per day on the weekend no one usually runs them during the week. In addition some of the long time leaders who are doing them may get burned out from having to do them so often. So how about we get a fire or two to step in and help with it; take the pressure off the ones who have been building up the resistance for the last few months.

Fresh Faces:

We’ll have a big project where most members of cloverleaf will pick one to three Fresh Faces candidates that often are spread by others in the general resistance outside of our group. Once you pick your you can support their campaign by spreading word of their campaign across Twitter. You don’t have to live in their District, just be loyal to their success. Since this is an ongoing project you should do no more than three of them. It’s about persistence and getting it done. Encourage others in and out of cloverleaf to pick a few too and do the same. The fresh faces win races thing is quite big around the general resistance on Twitter, so we can do our part.

Over The Sea:

Each person who participates in this project can find one city or place overseas and dedicate themselves to both finding support for theresistance in that place and pointing out to everyone else here in America why #45’s policies are causing problems there. Think of South Korea, Japan, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Middle East and you’ll get plenty of ideas of where you can focus. Once again, encourage others to do the same especially since this isn’t a project done by anyone else in the overall resistance other than us.

Local Groups:

A resistance and activism group isn’t much if we’re only online. As such we encourage people to take it to the streets. The streets of their neighborhood that is! Just like overseas the effects of the policies of the current administration are raising hell and floodwaters across America. From racism, to an increase in violence and unrest, to the consistent attack on our healthcare and social services, to natural disasters all the way to ICE raids we’ve got a lot of things locally that need to be addressed. Form a local group and then call attention to how you’re being impacted. Then work together to vote the fools out of office and get them impeached. Since there are a number of local groups in the general resistance, you can easily network with those.

Got any other ideas? Stick them in the sand box and see what takes off. Or tag us on Twitter and we’ll pass it on.

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