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CloverLeaf Positions

What * Loyal * Fire * Eagle * Why

Our positions are unique to us and they are somewhat in conjunction with basic Empire positions you’ll find elsewhere. However, they have been optimized for the resistance and our activism focus.

What it is?

Where you start out depends on if you’re going for a position or just joining purely as a member. It also depends on what you’re wanting to do here. Some of these are based on “royal ranks” while others have a sci – fi feel to them. It’s our hope that these are unique and cool enough to attract attention as well as keep you engaged because you like the set up.

Patriots (Loyal & Esteemed):   💠

Loyal patriots are the members of Cloverleaf, they stand up for the constitution and values of our country (and our world). We have a big list of things coming that you can do on your own, as such many Loyal will do things here and there little by little. Others will either belong to a network, a city group or be participant in a project, thus working together with us in a more organized fashion. We allow both as we’re flexible and not everyone wants to be IN a group to be a part of a group.

A different position is an Esteemed is one who does things with others. They might not take an official position but will run a small network of people that they know. This group is usually small and consists of 8-16 people, who will all work on one or two projects or endeavors. This group can be local (as in your neighborhood) or online (via twitter, Facebook) or it can be a family group, a work group or a college group from a dorm. If it’s small and close then it’s this type of group. These small tight knit groups might do one thing – say monitoring Trump laws for warning signs of going downhill. Another might help their city leadership grow the local resistance so they can do things locally. Still another might boost our efforts overseas in regards to various issues.

Fire:    🔥

A Fire is a positional and a title. As a fire you’d mainly be online motivating activists and firing them up. You might share things to encourage them, having a few people who can be there for people when the going gets tough, having resources available to help fire people up for protests, safety and maybe even dealing with raids if they keep being an issue.  Some will help welcome activists while others will pass information back and forth or give people input about various activities and projects.

There will be a few different pathways for fires so everyone of them can find their own footing, for instance one might go with humor, while another might run twitter parties, while still another may hand on spiritual or motivational quotes to inspire and keep motivated. Fires are essential so we don’t burn out and give up. They also do a lot of the people managing for those who aren’t with an actual network.

Eagle: 🦅

Like Eagles they protect freedom. An Eagle is a person who comes in and takes a position of some sort. Perhaps they will begin running activism affairs in a city or town, handling local activities there for us. This isn’t just voting and protesting either. It’s coordinating and teaching people to have local internet resources, to keep an eye out on hate crimes, to build local networks and much more. One might also take over a project or handle a vital function in our activism group.

Nobles and Royals: ⚜️

If one is helping out on a larger scale, such as being a Minister or running cloverleaf in a state or country they’ll usually hold a noble or royal title of some sort. These vary and individuals may choose their symbol to represent it. You’ll know them anyhow.


With this set -up things are organized but still very flexible. City groups are very important – not only for activism but also in case things go seriously south you know you got people you can trust that live close to you. This keeps us online and offline and allows us to coordinate things nicely.

I’ve kept this whole thing simple on purpose. We’re likely to be a small group for a while, as such though we need flexibility to grow later on we don’t need to have things be very complicated at the beginning.

*Please remember, we’re peaceful. If someone isn’t they aren’t with us!*