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Cloverleaf Techniques

Peaceful * 2 by 2 * Crowd Source * SandPit * 8-32 cities * Global Unity


No matter what we do, this can’t be stressed enough that we’re a peaceful group. Though we call ourselves a resistance we’re an activism group. Thus we will always focus on peaceful methods of change.  If you’re not or you just want to disrupt things then this isn’t the group for you. So unless you’re in Syria or an equivalent war zone, you’ll conduct yourself like a dove, not a lion.

2 by 2:

Individual invitations and one on one networking is very common here. It’s likely that you’ll join by talking to someone first before ever seeing this website. We’re not relying on internet traffic to get the word out but by those who are involved in our resistance to spread the word to those they know and trust. A lot of projects will have this component as well. Two people, tell two others, who then tell two others and so forth. It’s a crowd sourcing technique we use. In fact, the resistance will do many things completely spontaneously.

Crowd – Sourced:

We’ll have a big focus on crowd sourcing. While we had to do the initial set up by just putting it out here, there are a lot of things where you have ultimate say. From votes to simply having stuff available to get done as you wish our crowd sourcing focus will become very visible in due time. We may even have protest flash mobs and other creative actions where we as a group can make an impact.

The Sand Box:

For instance the SandBox will have ideas for projects and individual actions that you can tackle at will, either alone or with others. Of course you can add things to the sandbox as well just by letting us or one of the leader types know.

8 – 32 Cities:

We’ll focus our initial attention on various cities both in the USA as well as in the world. It will be the 8 largest cities in each main region as well as 32 others which are influential in that country. This is so we get good coverage.

It doesn’t mean that if you’re not in one of these places that we won’t work with you. We’ll still accept leadership from there and will even try to find you town leadership if you’re active in the area.

However, our main focus will be at 8 – 32 and we’re actively looking to cover these particular areas. This will make management and coordination a lot easier and save a lot of headaches in the long run.

Global Unity:

Unlike many other activism groups we’re going to state the importance of global unity in all we do. We’re not just an American group, but one that transcends boundaries, walls, borders and minor ideological differences. He wants to build walls, we’re going to be busy building bridges. As a resistance we’re multi cultural and we’re open and accepting of anyone who beliefs that 45 and people like him are a danger to our society and world.

Of course we’ll also leverage globalism to our advantage in many ways. For instance, activists overseas can see if policies made here in America has an influence on cities half a world away. That’s the kind of stuff we’re going to want to know about. In regards to DJT’s botched climate change policies we’ll leverage the fact that hurricanes have an effect on tiny island nations far away from our shores. South Korea and Japan are in the cross hairs due to the North Korea crisis, not Americans on the mainland. So all of their voices must be heard. It will demonstrate that America’s leadership problems aren’t just our own. In addition, volunteers who are affected by the leadership here can help boost us even from over there. So in this way every one 45 deports or anyone who is negatively affected by his policies becomes an ally of ours to prevent it from happening to others.

The global focus of cloverleaf will also be a beacon of hope for some people. Not all areas in the world have open rights of protest and 45 isn’t the only questionable leader around. Some cities may have local or regional issues to contend with. We can help them too from over here. Lastly we can learn from their experiences to prevent horrible things from happening in places where things are still good. Most of all it will teach us that we’re all just people trying to live and raise our families.

It may seem counter intuitive to fight 45 in that manner but it’s not. By examining what’s going on around the world we can better be prepared for things over here. Building allies when our crappy leadership tears down good relations with others is vital. We may be able to call attention to issues that would otherwise never get to see the light of day, showing why we’re against division, hate, bigotry and isolationism.

These are just a small sample:

The few listed techniques are just a small sample of what’s possible. Being of the Empire we have many more ideas for transcending borders and making an impact by remembering we’re one human race. We also have plenty of more techniques to help us be effective.

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